English Language Grade 8
  • 1. Which of the following words contains a consonant cluster?
A) Keep
B) Street
C) That
D) Father
  • 2. The word "street" contains ____ clusters?
A) 1
B) 3
C) 5
D) 2
  • 3. Choose the word that is spelt correctly.
A) Hectic
B) Etic
C) Hettic
D) Hectik
  • 4. Which of the following belong to /ei/ sound family?
A) Recess
B) Want
C) Outside
D) Play
  • 5. Identify the stress syllable in the word "plastic"
A) PLAStic
B) plaSTic
C) plasTIC
D) PLAstic
  • 6. Identify the stressed syllble
A) COMputer
B) compuTER
C) comPUter
D) COmputer
  • 7. Which syllable is Stressed? PANDEMONIUM.
A) 1st syllable
B) 3rd syllable
C) 4th syllable
D) 2nd syllable
  • 8. Which syllable is Stressed? ORGANISE.
  • 9. When do we use rising intonation?
A) Yes/No question
B) Wh- questions
C) Finished giving information
D) Information you are certain about
  • 10. Intonation can be defined as . . . a.    the rise and fall of speech
A) the rhythm of speech
B) All of the above
C) the melody and tone of the speech
D) the rise and fall of speech
  • 11. Which one is the adjective in the following sentences? They are proud to be Indian
A) They
B) Are
C) Proud
D) Indian
  • 12. Don’t jump from a running train. The adjective is ____
A) Jump
B) running
C) Don't
D) Train
  • 13. The eagle was _______ than the bluebird.
A) Bigger
B) Most bigger
C) More big
D) Biggest
  • 14. It's raining ______
A) heavily
B) Heavier
C) Heavy
D) Most heavy
  • 15. The ________ thing of all was that his son was rude to him.
A) Worst
B) Baddest
C) Badder
D) Bad
  • 16. Two students didn't do ________ mathematics homework
A) Them
B) They
C) There
D) Their
  • 17. Josh is the ____________ person in his family.
A) Tall
B) Tallest
C) Most tallest
D) Taller
  • 18. He will stay here _____ Monday.
A) till
B) for
C) until
D) at
  • 19. The earth goes ___ the sun. (A) to
A) round
B) over
C) by
D) On
  • 20. Someone is waiting _____ the library.
A) through
B) out of
C) outside
D) of
  • 21. Replace the adverb "rarely" in the following sentence with its antonym: He rarely helps the poor.
A) Frequently
B) Usually
C) Annually
D) Casually
  • 22. Choose whether true or false Adverbs usually answer the questions: How, When, Where, To what extent, Why about the verb, adjective or adverb that they are modifying.
A) False
B) True
  • 23. I never eat potatoes, and________.
A) so doesn't Tom
B) neither does Tom
C) neither Tom does
D) neither isTom
  • 24. Adverbs such as "always" and "in the morning" indicate the manner in which an action takes place.
A) False
B) True
  • 25. He is_________at painting. He paints____
A) badly / the worst
B) bad / badly
C) bad / worse
D) worse / bad
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