AIC JSS1 Basic Science Exam - 3rd Term 2022/23
  • 1. The two noticeable rays that reach us from the sun are?
A) Visible light and the heat
B) Plants and animals
C) Water and sunlight
D) Rays and heat
  • 2. The system in our body that keeps disease causing organisms from entering our body is known as
A) Preventing system
B) Body system
C) Immune system
D) Fighting system
  • 3. Immunization of child begins during?
A) Adulthood
B) Motherhood
C) Pregnancy
D) Childhood
  • 4. Diseases caused by unclean water are called?
A) Water-borne diseases
C) Airborne diseases
  • 5. At what age is measles vaccine given?
A) 2yrs
B) 3 yrs
C) 1 yr
D) 9 months
  • 6. Dysentery can be caused by a one called animal
A) No
B) True
C) No idea
D) False
  • 7. Cold,high fever and cough vomiting are symptoms of whooping cough
A) True
B) False
C) No
D) No idea
  • 8. Drugs can be abused by
A) Self medication
B) Swallowing
C) Eating
D) Drinking
  • 9. The following are ways the knowledge of chemistry as contributed towards improving the quality of our life except
A) Medicine
B) Smoking
C) Food
D) Clothing
  • 10. There are how many types of scientific methods?
A) 5
B) 4
C) 6
D) 3
  • 11. Every pure substance has a fixed density
A) Nope
B) True
C) No idea
D) False
  • 12. Pure ethanol boils at _
A) 30 degree Celsius
B) 100 degree Celsius
C) 48 degree Celsius
D) 78 degree Celsius
  • 13. Matter can be chemically classified into _
A) 4
B) 3
C) 5
D) 6
  • 14. The following are examples of metals except?
A) Iron
B) Zinc
C) Oxygen
D) Tin
  • 15. _ is a substance which cannot be split into simpler units by an ordinary chemical processes
A) Element
B) Solid
C) Compound
D) Mixture
  • 16. Which of the following is a constituent of blood?
A) Oxygen
B) CO2
C) Hydrogen
D) Sugar
  • 17. Compounds are _ joined together
A) Physically
B) Chemically
C) Artificially
D) Ordinarily
  • 18. What are resources used for man use?
A) Land
B) Books
C) Cars
D) Materials
  • 19. Employment is an advantage of renewable resources
A) False
B) True
C) Impossible
D) No idea
  • 20. Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into _
A) New materials
B) Bottle
C) Paper
D) Renewal
  • 21. When white light passes through a prism, it splits into a spectrum of colors due to
A) Polarization
B) Reflection
C) Refraction
D) Diffraction
  • 22. Which color of light has the longest wavelength in the visible spectrum?
A) Purple
B) Red
C) Green
D) Yellow
  • 23. Light is a form of ........
A) Thermal energy
B) Mechanical energy
C) Kinetic energy
D) Potential energy
  • 24. The primary source of energy for most living organisms is
A) Nuclear energy
B) Sunlight
C) Chemical energy
D) Electricity
  • 25. An opaque material
A) Reflects all light that falls on it
B) Allows light to pass through completely
C) Does not allow any light to pass through
D) Allows some light to pass through but scatters it
  • 26. A transparent material
A) Allows some light to pass through but scatters it
B) Reflects all light that falls on it
C) Allows light to pass through without scattering
D) Absorbs all light that falls on it
  • 27. A translucent material
A) Allows light to pass through completely
B) Absorbs all light that falls on it
C) Reflects all light that falls on it
D) Allows some light to pass through but scatters it
  • 28. An alcohol thermometer is commonly used to measure
A) Surface temperature
B) Air temperature
C) Body temperature
D) Water temperature
  • 29. Mathematically, speed can be expressed as
A) Distance × time
B) Displacement/time
C) Displacement × time
D) Distance/time
  • 30. One of these is a form of energy.
A) Artificial energy
B) Natural energy
C) Food energy
D) Thermal energy
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