GEE Math Vocabulary Test 6
__1. Composite NumberA. numbers that includes zero and all of the natural numbers.
__2. Greatest Common FactorB. The largest number that divides two or more numbers evenly.
__3. InequalityC. The result of two numbers being multiplied together.
__4. Like TermsD. A natural number that is not prime.
__5. OutlierE. The horizontal axis in a Cartesian coordinate plane.
__6. ProbabilityF. change in position, resulting from a slide with no turn
__7. ProductG. total # of successful events / total # of possible events
__8. TranslationH. have the same variable with the same exponent
__9. Whole NumberI. shows that two quantities are not equal.
__10. X-AxisJ. A data value that stands out from others in a set
__11. Angle - Angle - SideA. The number which gives a result of 1.
__12. Angle-Side-AngleB. decimal representation contains a finite number of digits
__13. DiagonalC. A diagram that shows relationships among sets of things
__14. ParallelogramD. A triangle with three unequal sides.
__15. ReciprocalE. 2 pairs of angles are equal and the included sides are equal
__16. Scalene TriangleF. A quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel.
__17. Side-Angle-SideG. A right line drawn from one angle to another not adjacent
__18. Side-Side-SideH. 2 pairs of sides are equal and the included angles are equal
__19. Terminating DecimalI. two angles and the non-included side are congruent
__20. Venn DiagramJ. If three pairs of sides of two triangles are equal in length
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