• 1. Select the group which has only animals
A) Owl, zebra, parrot, sheep
B) Apple, lion, pumpkin
C) Snake, coffee, stencil, elephant
  • 2. A number smaller than eighty
A) Fifteen
B) One hundred
C) Thirty
  • 3. Four units more than thirteen
A) Seventeen
B) Fifteen
C) Seventy
D) Eighty
  • 4. Is a number larger than twenty and smaller than thirty six
A) 65
B) Twelve
C) 27
D) Thirty eight
E) 13
  • 5. Select the correct one
A) Did you slept early?
B) She achieves her goals
C) Does they eat together?
D) I do not am pretty
  • 6. It’s not a synonym of pretty
A) Beautiful
B) Wonderful
C) Awesome
D) Nice
E) Awful
  • 7. Hola, cuántos años tienes?
A) Hi, how much years do you have?
B) Hello, how many years do you have?
C) Hi, how old are you?
D) Goodbye, how old are you?
  • 8. Tengo 13 años de edad
A) I am thirty years old
B) I have thirty years
C) I am have thirteen years old
D) I am thirteen years old
E) I have thirteen years old
  • 9. You ____ salad since when you were child
A) eating
B) eaten
C) ate
D) eat
  • 10. it’s a medium size animal with four feet. People say it is the ancestor of the common dog
A) Wolf
B) Shark
C) Parrot
D) Elephant
E) Tiger
Answer Key
1.A   2.A   3.A   4.C   5.B   6.E   7.C   8.D   9.C   10.A  
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