• 1. An adjective is a word that _______ how is someone or something
A) describes
B) count
C) imagine
  • 2. What is written first, the adjective or the noun?
A) Noun
B) Adjective
  • 3. You are a _______ girl
A) Beautiful
B) Handsome
  • 4. Which is the correct one?
A) She is smart
B) Smart is she
  • 5. Which is the correct one?
A) Teeth big
B) Big teeth
  • 6. What is the synonym of intelligent?
A) Fool
B) Dumb
C) Smart
  • 7. Which adjective describes when you want to eat?
A) Easy
B) Thirsty
C) Hungry
  • 8. What is the synonym of difficult?
A) Hard
B) Easy
  • 9. How could you say when a glass has no water?
A) The glass is full
B) The glass is empty
  • 10. You can say... The brain is wonderful or...
A) The wonderful brain
B) The brain wonderful
Answer Key
1.A   2.B   3.A   4.A   5.B   6.C   7.C   8.A   9.B   10.A  
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