• 1. Which among the following are common in andesitic volcanism?
A) composite Volcanoes
B) Fissure Vents
C) Conical Vents
D) Stratovolcanoes
  • 2. It is the hallmark of urban life
A) individuality
B) community
C) city
D) family
  • 3. how volcanoes are classified?
A) By erupted material
B) By nature of eruption
C) By shape
D) Through location
  • 4. Not a Mesopotamian Civilization
A) Assyria
B) Akkad
C) Persia
D) Babylon
  • 5. Ancient Rome was known for
A) practical inventions
B) democracy
C) conquering persia
D) military
  • 6. Alignment of cities to cardinal direction
A) Egypt
B) Indonesia
C) India
D) China
  • 7. Allowed to vote but not to hold government office in ancient Rome
A) Tyrant
B) Patrician
C) Plebians
D) Civilian
  • 8. Basis of the Hittite civilization
A) Military Power
B) Trading
C) Using Iron
D) Making weapons
  • 9. Asian countries that are divided by 17th parallel
A) North and South Korea
B) Thailand and Malaysia
C) Laos and Cambodia
D) North and South Vietnam
  • 10. 1st President of India
A) U Ne Win
B) Suharto
C) Sukarno
D) Lee Kwan Yew
  • 11. Currency of Laos
A) Baht
B) Rupiah
C) Dong
D) Kip
  • 12. A temple symbolically represent Mount Meru
A) Amarnath Temple
B) Angkor Wat
C) Shangri-la
D) Potala Palace
  • 13. Serves as the foundation of Political Science
A) Geography
B) Anthropology
C) Sociology
D) History
  • 14. He introduced force as the first law
A) Adolf Hitler
B) Benito Mussolini
C) Napoleon Bonaparte
D) John Lenin
  • 15. Age qualification for naturalization in the PH
A) 19
B) 18
C) 21
D) 12
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