Kids' invention book
  • 1. Mom bought a new chopping ____________ for the kitchen
A) document
B) prosthetic
C) device
D) scholarship
  • 2. A wheel is an example of a __________ shape.
A) circular
B) modify
C) disabilities
D) scholarship
  • 3. Dad searched for the ____________ that explained how to use the new computer.
A) disabilities
B) document
C) prosthetic
D) tundra
  • 4. Many athletes with ___________ like to participate in the Special Olympics.
A) circular
B) device
C) disabilities
D) modify
  • 5. After testing their invention, the Wright brothers had to ___________ their design before the plane would fly.
A) prosthetic
B) surrender
C) scholarship
D) modify
  • 6. Michael won a ____________ to college because he had excellent grades.
A) circular
B) scholarship
C) device
D) document
  • 7. The soldier who had lost his leg during the war had a ____________ leg.
A) modify
B) prosthetic
C) bonding
D) circular
  • 8. According to the story, which of these is true?
A) Inventions are complicated solutions to difficult problems.
B) Inventions cannot be made by kids.
C) Inventions can make life easier for people.
D) Inventors give up easily.
  • 9. Why did Chester Greenwood invent earmuffs?
A) They were already very popular.
B) He did not like wearing large hats.
C) He had enormous ears.
D) He loved to ice-skate.
  • 10. Chester Greenwood applied for a patent so that ______________.
A) his ideas was written down and forgotten
B) he could ice-skate as often as he wanted
C) his idea was protected and nobody else could claim it was theirs
D) he could sell earmuffs
  • 11. Why didn't Reeba make a working model of her invention?
A) She couldn't draw if very well.
B) It was too expensive.
C) Her dad didn't let her use the tools.
D) She couldn't build a model that would actually work because her idea was quite terrible.
  • 12. What do Chester Greenwood's and Josh Parson's inventions have in common?
A) They make it easier to ice-skate.
B) They help people enjoy recreational activities.
C) Their fathers helped them perfect their inventions.
D) Their inventions improved products that already existed.
  • 13. Dr. Smith suggested that Larry should put bigger holes in the bottom of the sprinkler so that _______________.
A) the sprinkler didn't have to be circular
B) the water wouldn't get the leaves wet
C) handicapped people could use the sprinkler
D) more water would go into the ground and aerate the soil.
  • 14. What do Reeba's and Larry's inventions have in common?
A) They make a lot of money.
B) They conserve water.
C) They make household chores easier.
D) They are featured on the national news.
  • 15. What is one way to begin creating an invention?
A) by observing friends, families, and pets for ideas of ways to make life simpler.
B) by figuring out how much money you will make
C) by thinking of an invention that already exists
D) by entering school contests
  • 16. After brainstorming, what is the next step in creating an invention?
A) Make a list of problems in a notebook.
B) Draw your design.
C) List the best solutions in your journal.
D) Choose one problem you think you can solve.
  • 17. When inventing, what is the next step after choosing a solution?
A) to sell the idea
B) to draw a diagram of your invention
C) to write a list of problems to be solved in a notebook or journal
D) to make a model
  • 18. What does the author mean by an "invention journal"?
A) a book which lists problems that need to be solved
B) a book with the lives of famous inventors
C) a book from the library
D) a book that tells on inventions from long ago
  • 19. Why did Josh Parsons invent the prosthetic catch-and-throw device?
A) Te get his picture in the paper
B) to show how smart he was
C) To make lots of money
D) To help his friend David throw a baseball
  • 20. What is the last step in creating an invention?
A) Use if a few times to see if it actually works.
B) Sell it for boatloads of money, and take your favorite teacher (that's me people) out to eat.
C) Call the newspaper and let them know that you've invented something.
D) build a model of it.
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