Social -Studies 2nd Assessment
  • 1. 1. Yankari Game Reserve is in _______ State
A) Bauchi
B) Benue
C) Kano
D) Cross River
  • 2. 2. _______ offered protection to the Egbas during inter- tribal wars.
A) Ogun River
B) Osun Sacred Forest
C) Olumo Rock
D) Ogbunike Caves
  • 3. 3. Ikogosi Warm Springs is found in _______ State
A) Kogi
B) Osun
C) Ondo
D) Ekiti
  • 4. 4. _______ is an area where the ground is soft and muddy.
A) Estuary
B) Swamp
C) Tributary
D) Confluence
  • 5. 5. Which of these trees is not likely to be found in rain forest?
A) Iroko
B) Baobab
C) Obeche
D) Mahogany
  • 6. 6. The followings are towns in guinea Savannah except ______ .
A) Jos
B) Abeokuta
C) Ilorin
D) Minna
  • 7. 7. Farmers in sudan savannah are most likely to plant ______
A) Millet
B) Kolanut
C) Cocoa
D) Cassava
  • 8. 8. Mangrove trees are mostly found in ____
A) rain forest
B) guinea savannah
C) Swamp forest
D) sudan Savannah
  • 9. 9. When was Obudu Cattle Ranch built?
A) 1960
B) 1957
C) 2019
D) 2015
  • 10. 10. The Black Heritage Museum which tells the story of slave trade is in _______
A) Anambra
B) Osun State.
C) Abuja
D) Badagry
Answer Key
1.A   2.C   3.D   4.B   5.B   6.B   7.A   8.C   9.B   10.D  
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