Scientific Process Problems
  • 1. How should the problem always be stated?
A) as a quote
B) as an exclamation
C) as a statement
D) as a question
  • 2. Can a hypothesis be wrong?
A) No
B) Yes
  • 3. What is a control group?
A) a group with lots of support
B) a group that receives extra treatment
C) A group that does not receive special treatment, so it can be compared to the group(s) that do.
D) a group that we can't measure
  • 4. What are the steps of the scientific process in order?
A) problem, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion, analyze results
B) problem, hypothesis, experiment, analyze results, conclusion
C) hypothesis, problem, analyze results, experiment, conclusion
D) problem, experiment, hypothesis, analyze results, conclusion
  • 5. What is the independent variable in the following experiment? Bill wants to figure out what type of battery works best. He buys Brand A, Brand, Brand B, and Brand C. He gets three identical light bulbs and hooks the batteries up to them. After this, he puts them in the dishwasher for 20 minutes. He keeps track of the bulbs until they burn out. Bulb A burns out after 6 hours, Bulb B burns out after 6.5 hours, and Bulb C burns out after 8 hours.
A) The IV is the store he bought the batteries from.
B) The IV is the type of light bulb.
C) The IV is the type of battery
D) The IV is how long the battery lasts.
  • 6. What is the control in this experiment? Bob wants to figure which nosecone works best on a rocket. He puts a pointed nosecone on rocket A, a round nosecone on Rocket B, and no nosecone on Rocket C. He launches them in his backyard and again in an open field.
A) Backyard
B) Rocket C
C) Rocket A
D) Rocket B
  • 7. What does the conclusion of the experiment do?
A) Confuse people
B) Restate the problem and show a chart of the results
C) Tell a hypothesis
D) Tell if hypothesis is correct and what you learned
  • 8. What is a dependent variable?
A) what we measure in an experiment
B) what we compare everything to in the experiment
C) it depends
D) what we change in an experiment
  • 9. What is the error in this experiment? Bill wants to know which skateboard wheels are the fastest. He tests three types of wheels - Zippy, Turbo, and Ludicrous. He recruits three people to test one of the wheels. Big Russell weighs 320 pounds and rides Zippy. Mini-Matt weighs 100 pounds and rides Turbo. Tony Two-Times weighs 200 pounds and rides Ludicrous. The Ludicrous wheels end up going the furthest.
A) He measured wrong
B) Should have used more types of wheels
C) He didn't use the same person for each type of wheel.
D) Should have used a different road
  • 10. What is the dependent variable in this experiment? Bill is writing an article about what laptops have the longest battery life. He gets three different computers and installs the same operating system on each. He runs a series of tests on the laptops and comes up with these results. Computer A lasts for 3.4 hours under regular conditions. Computer B lasts 2.6 hours under regular conditions. Computer C lasts 5.1 hours under regular conditions.
A) The different types of computers
B) The operating systems on the computers
C) The time each computer battery lasts
D) The tests run on the computers
  • 11. What is the independent variable in this experiment? Bob thinks that Axe body spray brings more attention from the ladies. His friend thinks he's full of it. To prove him wrong, Bob sprays on Axe for a week and counts the number of ladies who give positive comments to him on Instagram or send him a Facebook message. The second week he does the same thing, but uses no cologne, and the third week he does it with Old Spice. The totals for the 3 weeks are: Axe=4 ladies, Nothing=10 ladies, Old Spice=9 ladies
A) The positive Instagram messages
B) The number of ladies
C) The number of Facebook messages
D) The hotness of the girls who approach him
E) The type of cologne (or no cologne)
  • 12. Based on your Mortal Kombat research, why might some finishing moves not work - even if you do the right combination of buttons.
  • 13. Think of an experiment and complete a basic lab report for it. Use made-up data for the results.
  • 14. When completing the research section of a lab report, what things should you include on it?
  • 15. Jimmy wants to see if a special fuel will make his car go faster. He first tests his car with normal gas. Next he tests the car with nitrous. Lastly, he tests his car with a food oil/alcohol hybrid mix. Regular gas=80 mph; Nitrous=110 mph; Veg. oil/alcohol= 40 mph. What is the control in the experiment?
A) The car
B) Jimmy
C) Nitrous
D) Regular gas
E) Veg. Oil/Alcohol
  • 16. Sam wants to find out which soil works best for plants. He does an experiment with potting soil, the soil from school, and soil from his house. He finds that the plant grows 4 inches in soil from school, 13 inches in potting soil, and 10 inches in soil from his house. What is the problem in this experiment?
A) Does watering plants a lot make them grow taller?
B) Can plants grow without soil?
C) What soil is best for plants?
D) Can plants grow in sand?
E) How tall can plants grow?
  • 17. Jill thinks that she can get rid of spiders with crab apples. She puts a crab apple in one corner of her basement and one orange in the other corner of her basement. After two weeks, the corner with the crab apples has 3 spider webs and the corner with the orange has 3. What was her hypothesis?
A) Oranges prevent spiderwebs the best.
B) Nothing can prevent spiderwebs
C) Crab apples will reduce the amount of spiders.
D) Do apples prevent spiderwebs?
  • 18. Based on your experiment with the pennies. What would you predict would happen if someone else did the same experiment? How many pennies would it take to overflow the cup?
A) 68
B) 3
C) 25
D) 12
E) 371
  • 19. Bob does an experiment to test the average jumping ability of chickens. He find an average of 3.2 on Monday. On Tuesday he gets 3.1, Wednesday 3.2, Thursday 3.3, and Friday 3.2. Are his results reliable? Explain why or why not?
  • 20. Name the independent variable in the following problem. Edward wants to find the best sealant for his deck. He buys three test products - Sealer 1, Sealer 2, and Sealer 3. He applies each sealant to a 4 inch piece of oak board and places the boards in different buckets, each filled with salt water. He waits two months and checks on the boards to see which one has held up the best...
A) Types of sealant
B) Types of salt water
C) Types of boards
D) 2 months
E) Types of buckets
  • 21. What is the dependent variable in this picture?
A) Calories
B) Doritoes
C) Cheetohs
D) Corn Chips
E) Type of Chips
  • 22. Dan is testing out explosives and wants to see which combination produces the biggest explosion. He mixes combination 1 in an old gasoline can, combination 2 in a milk jug, and combination 3 in a glass jar. Next, he pours each combination into ACME 3 liter blast containers, attaches a 100 ft. fuse to each and goes for cover. He lights all three fuses at the same time and watches the explosion. All three create impressive explosions, but it's a little difficult to tell which was the biggest. Name two possible errors in his experiment.
  • 23. What is the independent variable in this experiment? Bill wants to know which skateboard wheels are the fastest. He tests three types of wheels - Zippy, Turbo, and Ludicrous. He recruits three people to test one of the wheels. Big Russell weighs 320 pounds and rides Zippy. Mini-Matt weighs 100 pounds and rides Turbo. Tony Two-Times weighs 200 pounds and rides Ludicrous. The Ludicrous wheels end up going the furthest.
A) The road they ride on
B) The distance the board goes
C) The types of wheels
D) The person on the board
  • 24. Write a hypothesis and cite a website for this problem: A bunch of people got sick from the drinking water in their town. What is one type of bacteria or parasite in the drinking water that may have caused their illness?
  • 25. What is the independent variable in this picture?
A) Salt Content
B) Calories
C) Sugar Content
D) Type of Chips
Screen Shot at AM
  • 26. Usain Bolt's speed is compared to that of a cheetah, a three toed sloth, and a giraffe. Refer to the graph and tell if there are any mistakes that would make the experiment invalid.
  • 27. Identify the independent variable in this experiment. Bob is testing which chemical salt will melt ice the best. He tests rock salt, lithium chloride, potassium chloride, and fluoride. He puts 4 tablespoons of each mixture on a 3 pound block of ice and records the amount of ice melted over 10 minutes.
A) Amount of chemical
B) Temperature of the ice
C) Type of ice melting chemical
D) Amount of water melted
  • 28. If an experiment is valid - you are:
A) Measuring with a thermometer
B) Measuring what you intend to measure
C) Getting the same results every time
D) Measuring with a ruler
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  • 29. Bill is testing squirt guns to see which will fire the furthest. Look at the chart and describe if his results are reliable. Explain why or why not.
  • 30. Describe three good rules to follow when researching.
Screen Shot at AM
  • 31. Bob tests different rocket designs and wants to figure out the best fin configuration. After some research, he thinks that triangle fins will work better than square fins. He tests several different types of fins. What should his conclusion be?
Sally and the polyurethane
  • 32. Cindy is testing water sealants on wood. She has three types of sealant (Brand A, B, & C). For the experiment, she paints three coats of each sealant on a 4ft. by 4ft. board. Next, Cindy sprays the boards with 400 mL of water and lets it sit for a week. After a week, she observes the amount of water damage on a scale of 1-5. Brand A is damaged the worst and gets a 4 rating. Brand B and C both receive a 2 and show very little damage. Tell wha the IV and DV are for this experiment.
  • 33. Describe the possible errors in this experiment. Elenor's 9 month old baby has some vicious diarrhea and isn't sure if it is food poisoning, a virus, or something else. The doctor's give her a stool sample kit. She has to collect 15 mL of stool in a vile to send to the lab. After her baby has another diarreah, she dumps it into the toilet, then realizes that it looks like someone else in the family must have had some diarreah due to the stains on the toilet. She scoops out some poop and puts it in the vile, but doesn't get enough. She goes to the diaper bin and gets an old diaper and digs some more poop out of it. What did she do wrong that makes this a bad sample?
  • 34. Write a hypothesis and cite a website for this problem: Don mows his lawn a lot. He is starting to worry about his ears. He needs to test the decibel level of his lawn mower to see if he needs additional ear protection. What do you think the decibel level of the lawn mower might be? (to footnote, just put a (1) in parentheses at the end of the hypothesis, then put the web address a couple of spaces below the end of your last sentence).
Screen Shot at AM
  • 35. Look at the experiment involving lightbulbs. Are the results reliable? Explain your answer.
Screen Shot at AM
  • 36. Jimmy is testing his hang time. He does 10 jumps. The results are in the picture. Are his results reliable? Explain why.
  • 37. John wants to see if fat guys bounce higher on a trampoline. He gets five guys to test: Bill=100 pounds, Tom=130 pounds, Matt=150 pounds, Tim=180 pounds, and Phil=200 pounds. They each jump off a ten foot ledge onto a trampoline while John checks to see how high they bounce. What is the independent variable in this experiment?
A) The bounciness of the trampoline
B) The heigh the jumpers go
C) John's observations
D) The weight of the jumpers
E) The 10 ft. drop
  • 38. Janet is having trouble with her TV reception. She buys three new antennas to see which one is the best. First she hooks up the antenna and then runs the tuner on her TV to see how many channels it receives. She follows the same process for each antenna. Antenna A tunes 23 stations, Antenna B tunes 21, Antenna C tunes 23. What is the independent variable in this experiment?
A) How fuzzy the picture is
B) Type of Antenna
C) Number of stations it tunes
D) Type of TV
  • 39. John built a color tracking robot, which is supposed to turn left when it see green, turn right when it sees yellow, stop when it sees red, and move forward when it is black. Right now, the robot does everything, but turn right on yellow. John thinks it may be the color. He decides to change the "turn right color" to orange. John does one more test with yellow to make sure it won't turn, then programs the robot to turn right on orange. He tests the robot and it turns right on the orange. What is the dependent variable in this experiment?
A) If it turns left
B) If it turns right
C) The code he uses
D) The color
E) The program
  • 40. Darin is testing whether girls are drawn to guys who play Fortnite are cool or just dorks. He takes 20 guys of roughly the same good lookingness (no where near the handsomeness of Mr. Mansour, that would cause an error in the experiment). He puts 10 guys in Room A and labels it "non-gamers". The other ten go to room B which is labeled "Gamers". He asks the girls to choose a room based on their personal taste. After an hour, 13 girls are in room A and 4 girls are in room B. Three girls decided not to stay. What is the independent variable in the experiment?
A) Number of girls in each room
B) Hotness of the ladies
C) Gamer or Non-Gamer
D) The number of girls who leave
E) Handsomeness of the guys
  • 41. Bill is training for American Ninja Warrior. He has never been able to get up the warp wall so he decides to analyze videos of the warped wall attemps from one show. He has a hypothesis that "high knee drive" is the best technique. Based on the results pictured, write a conclusion for him.
  • 42. Sheila wants to know which brand of pen lasts the longest. She buys three different pens and writes her name over and over until a pen runs out, then counts how many times she's written her name. After 6 days of writing, she's gone through all the pens. What is the dependent variable in this experiment?
A) The number of times she writes her name
B) How much her hand hurts
C) How many days she writes
D) The type of pen
  • 43. William wants to see if the time of day makes an impact on how many free throws he can make. He shoots 20 free throws at 8am, then 20 more at 10am, then 20 more at noon, and repeats this at 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. What is the "independent variable in this experiment?
A) How he's feeling that day
B) Number of free throws
C) How much sleep he got
D) How many free throws he makes
E) Time of day
  • 44. Jim is testing 3 varieties of watermelon launchers. He tests Brand A and it goes 250 ft. Next, he tests Brand B and it goes 275 ft. and then he tests Brand C and it goes 150 ft. Tell what the independent and dependent variables are in this experiment.
  • 45. Jared tests out his strength shoes to see if he can gain 8-12 inches on his vertical leap. His starting vertical leap is 28 inches. He trains in the shoes for 40 days straight days and then re-tests his vertical. This time his vertical is only 29 inches. He talks with his friends who did the same training regiment. His four friends had the following results: F1=(+10), F2=(+8), F3=(+5), F4=(+11). Overall, how should Jared rate his hypothesis.
A) Correct
B) Incorrect
C) Inconclusive
Screen Shot at AM
  • 46. Shelly is testing if VR goggles impact your vision. She has people take an eye test, then do VR for 5 minutes, then has the subjects take another eye test. Shelly hypothesizes that VR will make your vision worse. Based on the graph what is the best conclusion.
A) Shelly's hypothesis was incorrect. The VR did not make vision worse. All of the subjects stayed the same or improved their vision. In fact 7 out of 10 subjects improved their vision by an average of 3 levels.
B) Shelly's hypothesis is correct. There were 12 testers and 5 of them got worse and only 7 got better. Overall, the VR makes your vision worse.
C) Shelly's hypothesis is incorrect.
D) Shelly's hypothesis was inconclusive. The VR results were all over the place. Only some of the subjects improved. Most didn't get better at all.
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  • 47. Peter is testing different types of cups to see which keep ice cold the longest. He thinks the Yeti cup will be the best. He puts 3 cubes of ice in each cup and sets them by the window. Write a conclusion based on the results in the picture. (0 means no change, positive numbers mean better vision)
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1.D   2.B   3.C   4.B   5.C   6.B   7.D   8.A   9.C   10.C   11.E   12.    13.    14.    15.D   16.C   17.C   18.A   19.    20.A   21.A   22.    23.C   24.    25.D   26.    27.C   28.B   29.    30.    31.    32.    33.    34.    35.    36.    37.D   38.B   39.B   40.C   41.    42.A   43.E   44.    45.C   46.A   47.   
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