Scientific Method Bellringer
  • 1. What skill is a scientist using when she listens to the sounds that whales make?
A) Making observations
B) Drawing conclusions
C) Interpreting data
D) Making hypothesis
  • 2. Which question would be the best high level scientific question?
A) How many giraffes live in Africa?3. Which of the following is NOT a rule when writing a hypothesis?
B) Does the amount of salt in water affect the temperature at which it boils?
C) How long ago did dinosaurs live on Earth?
D) Who made the first microscope?
  • 3. Which of the following is NOT a rule when writing a hypothesis?
A) It is an if/then statement
B) None of the above
C) It should be restated
D) It is testable
  • 4. An experiment that tests only one factor at a time by using a comparison of a control group and an experimental group is?
A) A dependent variable
B) An independent variable
C) A theory
D) A controlled experiment
  • 5. Which of the following hypotheses is written correctly?
A) If I heat up a tennis ball it will bounce high
B) If I freeze a tennis ball, then it will not bounce as high.
C) If a tennis ball is frozen, it won't bounce as high as one that is not frozen
D) Frozen tennis balls will not bounce as high
  • 6. The process of obtaining information by using the senses is called a/an
A) Conclusion
B) Inquiry
C) Observation
D) Scientific method
  • 7. In an experiment, the one variable that is changed is called the
A) Dependent variable
B) Experimental variable
C) Controlled variable
D) Independent variable
  • 8. In an experiment, the factor that we measure is called the
A) Dependent variable
B) Independent variable
C) Conclusion
D) Controlled variable
  • 9. A scientist hypothesizes the temperature at which an alligator’s egg is incubated will determine whether the alligator will be male or female. The independent variable is
A) The gender of the alligator
B) The incubator
C) The temperature
D) The male alligator
  • 10. A scientist conducted an experiment to determine how the amount of salt in a body of water affects the number of plants that can live in the water. In this experiment the independent variable is
A) The amount of salt in the water
B) The number of plants in the water
C) The temperature of the water
D) The water
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Answer Key

1.A   2.B   3.B   4.D   5.B   6.C   7.D   8.A   9.C   10.A  

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