gened 5
  • 1. use your brain
A) use your mind
B) use your noodles
C) use your needles
D) use your eye
  • 2. Always eat a lot of food
A) eat like a horse
B) break a leg
C) when pigs flyt
D) use your noodles
  • 3. mean that every sad or unpleasant situation has a positive side to it.
A) when pigs fly
B) every cloud has a silver lining
C) on cloud nine
D) break a leg
  • 4. a way of saying that something is impossible and well never happen
A) when pigs fly
B) break a leg
C) every cloud has a silver lining
D) once in a blue moon
  • 5. completely happy, very satisfied
A) break a leg
B) on cloud nine
C) when pigs fly
D) eat like a horse
  • 6. is a commonly used idiom that's mean "good luck"
A) speak of the devil
B) break a leg
C) when pigs fly
D) on cloud nine
  • 7. it is used to acknowledge that someone who was the subject of discussion has entered into the conversation into the room, or into the vicinity of the dialogue
A) break a leg
B) speak of the devil
C) eat like a horse
D) see eye to eye
  • 8. used when you view something in the same way as others do, or that you agree with someone about something
A) eat like a horse
B) see eye to eye
C) speak of the devil
D) break a leg
  • 9. to do is very rarely
A) on cloud nine
B) when pigs fly
C) once in a blue moon
D) Break leg
  • 10. not only shows a lack of respect ,but does not allow the listener to fully grasp what is being said, which often results in incorrect assumptions being made.
A) interrupting others
B) negative tone
C) Judgementality
D) dishonest
  • 11. most business should include a clause in their code of ethics defining what is appropriate when it's come to honoring client and employee
A) avoid negative tone
B) respect privacy and confidentiality
C) do not interupt others
D) speak from your own experience
  • 12. This can have a wide range of implications, including minimizing work place gossip , and mitigating toxic conversation about the private lives of clients and personnel
A) do not interupt others
B) Respect privacy and confidentiality
C) avoid negative tone
  • 13. is one of the most critical facets of communication. A listener may miss the meaning altogether if the____is wrong. Which can lead to unnecessary confrontations the decrease business productivity.
A) words
B) Expression
C) gesture
D) tone
  • 14. Allowing others to speak is important for the creation of a civil, effective working environment.
A) avoid negative tone
B) Do not interupt others
C) Respect privacy and confidentiality
D) Speak non Judgmentality
  • 15. Results in misunderstandings and unnecessary conflict and a breakdown in workplace communication,which only hinders corporate progress and creates problems.
A) Dishonest
B) Judgementality
C) interrupting others
D) negative tone
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