• 1. Where was the kingdom in "Annabel Lee"?
A) In the sky
B) By the road
C) By the sea
D) on the ocean
  • 2. What is a synonym of "coveted"?
A) Praised
B) Surprised
C) Spurned
D) Envied
  • 3. Who coveted "her and me"?
A) Family Members
B) Demons
C) Past Love
D) Seraphs
  • 4. What did Annabel Lee's kinsmen shut her up in?
A) Prison
B) Sepulchre
C) Closet
D) Family Home
  • 5. What is a synonym of "dissever"?
A) Separate
B) Admire
C) Join
D) Remember
  • 6. What never beams without bringing the narrator dreams of Annabel Lee?
A) Star
B) Sun
C) Sea
D) Moon
  • 7. Who exactly is Annabel Lee to the narrator?
A) His mother
B) His daughter
C) His wife
D) His fiancee
  • 8. How long after the poet died in 1849 was "Annabel Lee" published?
A) 2days
B) 2 years
C) 2 months
D) 2 decades
  • 9. Who is it generally accepted that "Annabel Lee" was written for and about?
A) His fiancee, Sarah Helen Whitman
B) His unattainable love, Nancy Richmond
C) His girlfriend, Virginia Wolf
D) His Wife, Virginia Clemm
  • 10. Who is the author of "Annabel Lee"?
A) Lord Byron
B) John Knows
C) Walt Whitman
D) Edgar Allan Poe
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