English 3rd C.A for Grade 7
  • 1. What type of noun must begin with a capital letter, no matter where it occurs in a sentence?
A) abstract noun
B) proper noun
C) common noun
D) collective noun
  • 2. The following are examples of proper nouns except .....
A) bank
B) Al-Ameen Integrated College
C) England
D) River Niger
  • 3. One of these is not an example of a speech organ.
A) The lips
B) The teeth
C) The cheek
D) The tongue
  • 4. There are ..... important elements in any composition.
A) four
B) two
C) seven
D) three
  • 5. The 1st person personal pronoun singular (object) is represented by .....
A) us
B) him
C) me
D) I
  • 6. The 3rd person personal pronoun plural subject is represented by ....
A) we
B) you
C) they
D) I
  • 7. The possessive form of the pronoun 'he' is .....
A) him
B) his
C) hers
D) theirs
  • 8. The past participle form of the verb 'sing' is .....
A) singing
B) sung
C) sang
D) song
  • 9. The simple past form of the verb 'broadcast' is .....
A) broadcast
B) broadcasting
C) broadcaster
D) broadcasted
  • 10. Wake is to woken as rise is to .....
A) rised
B) rising
C) risen
D) rose
  • 11. One of these is not an irregular verb.
A) come
B) buy
C) take
D) kick
  • 12. An adjective is a word that is used to describe or qualify a noun or a/an .....
A) adverb
B) adjective
C) pronoun
D) verb
  • 13. ..... is an example of an interrogative pronoun.
A) 'Himself'
B) 'Which'
C) 'That'
D) 'They'
  • 14. ..... is an example of an indefinite pronoun.
A) 'Nothing'
B) 'Where'
C) 'These'
D) 'Ourselves'
  • 15. The adjective in the statement 'The politician promised the people an uninterrupted power supply is .....
A) uninterrupted
B) supply
C) promised
D) politician
  • 16. /i:/
A) bread
B) church
C) dream
D) kite
  • 17. /u/
A) sport
B) coup
C) cook
D) cut
  • 18. /3:/
A) search
B) pouch
C) disc
D) death
  • 19. /e/
A) lead
B) flee
C) bird
D) bed
  • 20. /a:/
A) laid
B) clay
C) mat
D) park
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