• 1. Have you been to the cinema ------?
A) a few weeks ago
B) last week
C) this week
  • 2. I bought a great CD ----------.
A) 0ver the years
B) in my life
C) yesterday
  • 3. I have haten most of my job and I hate this one too.
A) for moments
B) two days ago
C) since ten minutes
  • 4. I didn't go to the beach at all -------
A) recently
B) last summer
C) this week
  • 5. So far, I've been to a restaurant twice --------
A) never
B) this week
C) last friday
  • 6. I've met a lot of interesting people -----------
A) recently
B) a few years ago
C) last year
  • 7. I've spent far too much money ---------
A) three times ago.
B) since today
C) for days
  • 8. I've done a lot of silly things ----------
A) last years
B) over the years
C) a few years ago
  • 9. She has done dozens of jobs ------
A) in her life
B) since 2013
C) for now
  • 10. Yes, I have wanted to be my own boss
A) two days ago
B) since I was a child
C) for three months
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