Egypt Vocabulary Quiz
  • 1. The body prepared for burial. The first step in the process is embalming, then the wrapping and burial of the body.
A) Mummy
B) Black Land
C) Pharaoh
D) Scarab
  • 2. The fertile land of Egypt along the Nile River that was good for growing crops.
A) Nile River
B) Papyrus
C) Black Land
D) Red Land
  • 3. A long thin reed, growing wild along the Nile riverbank
A) Kohl
B) Scarab
C) Stylus
D) Papyrus
  • 4. A black powder used around the eyes to decorate and protect from the sun.
A) Kohl
B) Papyrus
C) Obelisk
D) Silt
  • 5. A charm in the shape of a dung beetle that is worn or carried as protection from evil spirits and illness.
A) Scarab
B) Sarcophagus
C) Kohl
D) Mummy
  • 6. Tombs in which some of the rulers of ancient Egypt are buried, many of these took over 20 years to build.
A) Pyramids
B) Cartouche
C) Sphinx
D) Pharaoh
  • 7. Collection of spells written down on papyrus
A) Cartouche
B) Valley of the Kings
C) Book of the Dead
D) Hieroglyphics
  • 8. Stone tomb, usually with writing on it
A) Scarab
B) Obelisk
C) Cartouche
D) Sarcophagus
  • 9. The use of pictures of objects, such as plants or animals, to represent words. Scribes wrote messages and records on papyrus.
A) Cuneiform
B) Scarab
C) Hieroglyphics
D) Stylus
  • 10. An oval band designed like a logo used to enclose a God's or Pharaoh's name
A) Pyramid
B) Cartouche
C) Sarcophagus
D) Obelisk
  • 11. Tall stone pillars that taper to a point towards the top
A) Tomb
B) Obelisk
C) Pyramid
D) Sphinx
  • 12. The dry arid desert land that surrounded Egypt. This provided natural barriers to invading armies.
A) Nile River
B) Red Land
C) Black Land
D) Valley of the Kings
  • 13. The ruler of Egypt. Menes was the first to rule Egypt.
A) Pharaoh
B) King
C) Kohl
D) Sphinx
  • 14. The river running through Egypt that much of the civilization was built upon. This river flows from south to north to the Mediterranean Sea.
A) Amazon River
B) Euphrates River
C) Nile River
D) Tigris River
  • 15. An ancient Egyptian statue having a lion's body and the head of a man, ram, or hawk.
A) Scarab
B) Sphinx
C) Pharaoh
D) Menes
  • 16. The burial site of many of Egypt's pharaohs.
A) Valley of the Kings
B) Book of the Dead
C) Black Land
D) Pyramids of Giza
  • 17. Each year in June, the snow on the mountains in the south would melt, creating floods in July through September. This created fertile land for crops. This river provided pastureland, fish and game, drinking water, transportation and trade.
A) Red Land
B) Gifts of the Nile
C) Valley of the Kings
D) Black Land
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