Unit 4: Settling the Thirteen Colonies
  • 1. William Penn was a member of which of the following religious groups?
A) Puritans
B) Quakers
C) Catholics
D) Pilgrims
  • 2. William Penn named the capital city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What does Philadelphia mean?
A) “city of brotherly love”
B) “Three Lower Counties”
C) “Penn’s woods”
D) “sharing is caring”
  • 3. How was Pennsylvania different from the other colonies?
A) It had lots of diversity because people of different religions settled there.
B) It was the smallest of the colonies.
C) It had no large cities.
D) It was the richest of all the colonies because it grew tobacco.
  • 4. This land was still apart of Pennsylvania, but the people there called it ________________________.
A) Philadelphia
B) Delaware
C) Rhode Island
D) New Jersey
  • 5. New Netherland became the English colony of _________________________.
A) Delaware
B) Pennsylvania
C) New Jersey
D) New York
  • 6. Each owner, or ___________________, of New Jersey hoped to make money from the colony.
A) occupation
B) proprietor
C) tyrant
D) barter
  • 7. Which colony would most likely have large plantations?
A) Pennsylvania
B) Massachusetts
C) New York
D) Virginia
  • 8. A ________________ is someone who makes a journey for religious reasons.
A) Puritans
B) Native American
C) Quaker
D) Pilgrim
  • 9. William Penn allowed people from other religions to settle in Pennsylvania which was one reason his colony had great _____________.
A) disease
B) diversity
C) assembly
D) occupation
  • 10. Queen Elizabeth I issued a ____________ to settle land in North America.
A) assembly
B) charter
C) act
D) covenant
  • 11. Each family made a _________________, or contract, with the church.
A) assembly
B) charter
C) covenant
D) act
  • 12. Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia All of these are apart the of the ______________ colonies.
A) New England
B) Southern
C) Middle
  • 13. Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New Hampshire All of these are apart of the _____________ colonies.
A) New England
B) Middle
C) Southern
  • 14. Delaware New Jersey Pennsylvania New York All of these are apart of the _____________ colonies.
A) Middle
B) New England
C) Southern
  • 15. Who Am I? I was put on trial and banished from the colony. In 1638 my followers and I formed Portsmouth, another Rhode Island settlement.
A) Thomas Hooker
B) Anne Hutchinson
C) John Winthrop
D) Roger Williams
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