National Values 3rd C.A. for JS 2
  • 1. Value is defined as .....
A) Something to which no importance is attached
B) Principle or standard that people hold in high regard
C) Something that is valueless
D) Something undesirable
  • 2. One of these is not a source of value.
A) Friends and peers
B) Family
C) Community or society
D) Hospitals
  • 3. What is a clique?
A) A small group of people with common interest.
B) A large group of people with no interest
C) People of dubious character
D) People that do not know one another at all
  • 4. The following are sources of values except ________
A) Friends
B) Family
C) Mass media
D) Hotel
  • 5. The following are types of values except...
A) Personal values
B) Group values
C) None of the above
D) General values
  • 6. One of these is not a factor that influences our values.
A) Gender
B) Planet
C) Media
D) Environment
  • 7. .......... values are the acceptable or right ways of doing things in society.
A) Family
B) Societal
C) School
D) Technological
  • 8. Our....... changes as we grow older.
A) All of the above
B) Pencils
C) Names
D) Sweets
E) Values
  • 9. A....... is an act that is punishable by law.
A) play
B) duty
C) crime
D) joke
  • 10. The following are types of common crimes except _____
A) Examination malpractice
B) Helping the less privilege
C) Shoplifting
D) Rape
E) Stealing
  • 11. Common crimes are seen as.......
A) Barbaric
B) Not serious offence
C) Misdemeanor
D) Non- offences by society
  • 12. Which of the following is not one of the things to observe at crime scenes?
A) Anyone forced into a vehicle.
B) Someone screaming or shouting for help
C) Policemen dancing together
D) Vehicles transporting objects during the night.
  • 13. Which of the following is not one of the things to observe in people?
A) Their facial appearance
B) The song they sang
C) Their accent
D) Strange marks or scars
  • 14. Which of the following is not one of the things to observe in a vehicle?
A) Colour
B) Sound of the horn
C) Plate number
D) Dents/Scratches
  • 15. It is important not to........ when reporting a crime
A) Surrender
B) Faint
C) Panic
D) Fight
  • 16. Observing crimes should be done without being noticed by those involved and not placing oneself in danger.
A) True
B) All of the above
C) False
D) Not clear enough
  • 17. You can report a crime to the following except ______
A) None of the above
B) Parents
C) School authorities
D) Police
  • 18. A family is a group of people that are closely related by one of the following:
A) Understanding
B) Blood
C) Identities
D) Common
  • 19. Family bond exists when......
A) A strong tie joins family members together
B) A family has different patterns of behaviour
C) People have common religion
D) People understand themselves well
  • 20. Living together as a family involves all except....
A) Eating together
B) Living together in harmony
C) Sleeping together
D) Praying together
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