• 1. 1.Traditional assessment Is like an objective test like multiple choice,
A) B.Journals
B) D.Matching Type
C) A.Test and written work
D) C.Presentation
E) D.Matching Type
  • 2. 2. Computers and related technology are viewed as the,of teaching
A) B.Present
B) D.Heart
C) C.Future
D) A.Past
E) C.Future
  • 3. 3.It is used to increase the efficiency of education in teaching, learning and assessment
A) A.Teachnology
B) B.Assesment
C) C.Education
D) D.Educational Teachology
E) D.Educational Teachology
  • 4. 4.Assesment should be an part of learning and development
A) A. knowledge
B) B.Integrated
C) D.Interesting
D) C.Method
E) B.Integrated
  • 5. 5. Using software opens up a suite of useful tools to simplify creation
A) C. Both A and B
B) B. Online exam
C) D. Online quiz
D) A. Offline quiz
  • 6. 6. Paper and pen gives rise to issues like there is lack of real time visibility and reporting
A) C. Maybe
B) B. False
C) D. Yes
D) A. True
  • 7. 7.Another issue is there's a huge burden in printing and transporting
A) A.False
B) B.True
C) True
  • 8. 8. The 21'st century assessment includes different roles and responsibilities of the teachers, stakeholders and administrator
A) B.True
B) A.Fasle
C) True
  • 9. 9.The 21'st century aducators and students can no longer afford to disconnect
A) A. False
B) B.True
C) True
  • 10. 10.Traditional assessment includes paper and pencil test
A) True
B) A. True
C) B. False
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