CCA 3rd C.A. for JS 2
  • 1. The act of decorating a surface with designs made of small, closely set piece of stone or tile is called
A) Mosaic
B) Tesserae
C) Pebbles
D) Collage
  • 2. Painting of things that are made by God is called
A) Cute painting
B) Nature painting
C) Life drawing
D) Still life drawing
  • 3. A design transferred into a piece of clothing is called
A) Dancing
B) Painting
C) Singing
D) Printing
  • 4. ……….. is one of the chemicals used for dyeing
A) Colouring
B) Oxygen
C) Surf
D) Hydro sulphate
  • 5. One of the following is a medium for painting
A) Poster colour
B) Store
C) Marble
D) Wood
  • 6. People’s culture includes all except
A) Wealth
B) Language
C) Belief
D) Religion
  • 7. ………. is one of the materials used for the production of tie and dye.
A) Wood
B) Raffia
C) Clay
D) Metal
  • 8. Colours seen at a distance
A) are primary colours
B) Fade away because of atmospheric influence
C) retain their freshness
D) are bright and pure
  • 9. A technique in art that involves making objects or scene in the distance shorter and closer together through alteration in forms, shapes and proportion is
A) Cartooning
B) Foreshortening
C) Perspective
D) Reduction
  • 10. Another technique in art, closely related to foreshortening in creating depth and distance in drawing and painting is ……….
A) Scale
B) Life drawing
C) Perspective
D) Portrait
  • 11. An imaginary line that divides the sky and the ground in painting is called
A) Perspective
B) Base line
C) Parallel line
D) Horizon
  • 12. A technique where painting is done in very thick layers of colours is called
A) Thick painting
B) Fresco
C) Tempera
D) Impasto
  • 13. White reflects all colours whereas black
A) Contains all colours
B) Represent all colours
C) Absorbs all colours
D) Tints all colours
  • 14. The use of pastel or crayon in painting is grouped under
A) Glazing
B) Wet painting
C) Dry painting
D) Wash
  • 15. The oldest of all cultural art history in Nigeria is
A) Igbo Ukwu Art
B) Benin Art
C) Nok Art
D) Ife Art
  • 16. Benin court Art was mainly for
A) trade with the Portuguese
B) the glorification of the Obas
C) traditional cultural festivals
D) the initiation into secret societies of the Benins
  • 17. Mbari sculpture of the Igbos is created mainly in
A) Mud
B) Stone
C) Brass
D) Cement
  • 18. Waxing, dyeing and de-waxing are procedures in
A) Knitting
B) Batik
C) Embroidery
D) Tie and dye
  • 19. To avoid smudging of colours when painting we use
A) Hog
B) Sable brushes
C) Bristle
D) Fixative
  • 20. Another name for terracotta is
A) Supraporta
B) Mortal
C) Fired clay
D) Pastol
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