• 1. Trisha had $20. She put 1/4 of her money in the bank and spent 3/4 of it at the canteen. How much did she spend at the canteen?
A) $4
B) $5
C) $12
D) $15
  • 2. Brayden measured 4 lengths of 6cm wide wood strips and recorded his measurements in the table below. Which strip of wood is the longest?
A) Wandoo
B) Jarrah
C) Pine
D) Mountain Ash
  • 3. The thermometer shows the temperature of Graham’s cup of coffee. After 2 minutes the temperature dropped by 8℃. What is the temperature of Graham’s coffee after the two minutes?
A) 70℃
B) 64℃
C) 68℃
D) 60℃
  • 4. Which of the following spinners has a fifty-fifty chance of landing on white?
A) d
B) b
C) a
D) c
  • 5. 100 centimetres = 1 metre 100 m = 1 hectometre Using the information above determine how many centimetres there are in 2.25 hectometres?
A) 22 500 000 cm
B) 2 250 cm
C) 22 500 cm
D) 225 000 cm
  • 6. Kevin bought a water melon from Maria’s roadside fruit stall. It weighed 3.83 kg and cost him $10.30. Approximately how much is Maria charging per kilogram for watermelon?
A) $40
B) $2.50
C) $3
D) $25
  • 7. At the movies Mrs Smith bought 1 large and 4 small boxes of popcorn for her children. Large boxes of popcorn cost $15 and small boxes cost $11. Which expression below best shows how many dollars Mrs Smith spent?
A) 15 x (4 + 11)
B) 16 + 4 x 10
C) 15 x 4 + 11
D) 15 + 4 x 11
  • 8. The school canteen sells slushy drinks each Friday. The canteen manager records how many of each type are sold for the month of February and the sales are shown in the table above. What percentage of slushy drinks sold on Friday 13th were Pine/Orange?
A) 40%
B) 25%
C) 20%
D) 80%
  • 9. Mr Jardine needs to put a fence around his vegetable patch to keep out the rabbits. He plans to have 2 gates, each 1.5m wide. Shown below is his sketch of the vegetable patch. What is the total amount of fencing that Mr Jardine needs to buy?
A) 40m
B) 47m
C) 50m
D) 37m
  • 10. Seven children attend an afterschool play centre. Their ages are listed below. 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 9, 11 If two new children, aged 6 years and 9 years, join the centre which of the following statements is true?
A) The mode will change
B) The median will change
C) The range will change.
D) The mean will change
  • 11. On Saturdays Cara works at a fast food outlet near Maddington Station. To get home after work she has to catch the 205 bus from the station to Livingston Marketplace, then walk 25 minutes to her house. Last Saturday she finished her shift at 3pm. What time was it when she got home?
A) 3:57pm
B) 4:12pm
C) 4:02pm
D) 3:52pm
  • 12. A 1/2 kilogram tin of Milo is on special for $4.80. The unit pricing sticker on the shelf has to show the cost per 100 grams. What is the unit cost of the Milo?
A) $2.40/100g
B) $9.60/100g
C) 48c/100g
D) 96c/100g
  • 13. Paul is painting a feature wall in his living room. The wall is 10m long and 2.7m high. He knows that a 4 litre tin of paint covers about 10 m2. If he is going to do two coats of paint on the wall, how many 4 litre tins will he need to buy?
A) 6
B) 10
C) 5
D) 3
  • 14. A sink contains 14L of water. Each minute 2L of water is added from the tap and 1L runs down the drain. Four minutes later the number of Litres of water in the sink is:
A) 4 × 2 + 14 - 1
B) 14 + 4 × (2 - 1)
C) 4 × (14 + 2 - 1)
D) 14 + 4 × (1 - 2)
  • 15. On which date is ANZAC day?
A) January 26
B) November 11
C) April 25
D) December 25
  • 16. What time is this clock showing?
A) Ten minutes to two
B) Ten minutes past ten
C) ten minutes past three
D) 2:11
  • 17. A medical operation is scheduled for 15:50 hours. The operation is planned to start at:
A) ten minutes to 3am
B) ten minutes to 4am
C) ten minutes to 4pm
D) ten minutes to 3pm
  • 18. A TV program starts at 8:35pm and finishes at 11:13pm. How long is the program?
A) 72 minutes
B) 98 minutes
C) 158 minutes
D) 125 minutes
  • 19. If Sydney is 3 hours ahead of Perth and it is Tuesday 11am in Perth, then the time in Sydney is:
A) Wednesday 8pm
B) Tuesday 2pm
C) Wednesday 2am
D) Tuesday 8pm
  • 20. Mary looked at her clock before drifting off to sleep at 9:35pm and looked again when the alarm sounded at 7:30am. Approximately how long had Mary been asleep?
A) 2 hours
B) 7 hours
C) 10 hours
D) 9 hours
  • 21. The volume of this prism is:
A) 10cm3
B) 32cm2
C) 10cm2
D) 32cm3
  • 22. In the following prism the red section has been removed. What is the volume of the prism after the red section has been taken?
A) 30cm2
B) 30cm3
C) 18cm3
D) 18cm
  • 23. The sum of eight and ten is equal to the product of two and what number?
A) 9
B) 18
C) 8
D) 4
  • 24. Patrick calculates that his car has used 20L of petrol to travel 280km. What is the fuel economy, in kilometres per litre, of Patrick’s car?
A) 10 km/L
B) 12 km/L
C) 14 m/L
D) 14 km/L
  • 25. Beth earns a weekly retainer of $200 and then she earns 10% commission on any sales she makes. If she makes $3 000 worth of sales in a particular week, she will earn:
A) $500
B) $3 200
C) $510
D) $600
  • 26. Jane is paid a standard rate of $20 per hour. In one week she works 12 hours at the standard rate and then 4 hours at time and half, her earnings for the week would be?
A) $240
B) $320
C) $150
D) $360
  • 27. Philip and Damien each have a tub of the same brand and type of soft cheese Philip has the 400 gram tub and Damien has the 250 gram tub. The percentage of protein in the 250 gram tub is 7.1%. In Philip’s tub (400 g), the percentage of protein is;
A) About 14%
B) More than 15%
C) About 12%
D) About 7%
  • 28. Louise, Alix, Patrick and Nicola had all saved up different amounts of money to spend at the show. The graph shows the amounts they spent and the amounts they had left over. Who spent the highest % of the money they had saved?
A) Nicola
B) Patrick
C) Louise
D) Alix
  • 29. The price of a maths text book has risen 25% to a new cost of $100. The old price must have been.
A) $80
B) $100
C) $125
D) $75
  • 30. Which of these discounts would be better?
A) 30% off
B) They are both same
C) More information is needed to make the decision
D) $30 off
  • 31. Kate deleted 80% of the texts from Tom's phone. Then Jane deleted texts from Tom's phone. She deleted 20% of the number of texts that Kate had deleted. No-one sent any texts during this time. Of the initial number of texts that Tom had, the  percentage of texts left  on Tom's phone was
A) 4%
B) Impossible to determine
C) 60%
D) 0%
  • 32. Andrew had a box full of Lego pieces and they were all the same size and type. Exactly 30% of the pieces were red. He took one without looking and it was white. He did not put it back in the box. What percentage of the pieces is now red?
A) More than 30%
B) Less than 30%
C) Impossible to determine
D) Exactly 30%
  • 33. In January 2012, Matthew and Katrina were each paid the same hourly rate. In April 2012 they were given a pay rise. Matthew was given 10% more per hour and Katrina was given 5% more per hour. In August 2012 Katrina’s pay went up by another 5%. Assuming no other changes to their pay rates, what can you say about their pay after August?
A) Katrina is earning more per hour than Matthew
B) Katrina and Matthew are being paid the same amount per hour
C) Matthew is earning more per hour than Katrina
D) More information is needed to determine who is earning more per hour
  • 34. A tram weighs about “the same as 30 rhinos” so the weight of the rhino is
A) 30% of the weight of the tram
B) 3000% of the weight of the tram
C) 300% of the weight of the tram
D) 3% of the weight of the tram
  • 35. Tim measured the internal dimensions of his freezer which was in the shape of a rectangular prism. It was approximately 50 cm long, 90 cm across and 80 cm high. Given that 1 litre = 1000 cm3, estimate the volume in litres.
A) 36 litres
B) 22 litres
C) 360 litres
D) 220 litres
  • 36. Felicity works two shifts each week and each shift is 8.5 hours. One shift is paid at the normal rate of $50 per hour and the other shift is paid at 1.8 times the normal rate. Each week she can expect to earn
A) $1190
B) $765
C) $1530
D) $850
  • 37. This bottle was photographed in Europe and the volume is marked as 50 cl. A centilitre (cl) is 0.01 litre. Another measure for this bottle is
A) 50 ml
B) 2 litres
C) 500 ml
D) 1.25 litres
  • 38. If the first lesson of the day started at 7.45 am and finished at 8.35 am the lesson would go for
A) 1 hour and 10 minutes
B) 45 minutes
C) 65 minutes
D) 50 minutes
  • 39. The goals scored by five players during the soccer season are recorded below. Who scored 5 goals less than Steve?
A) Lisa
B) Lakshmi
C) Asif
D) Anne
  • 40. My local petrol station is selling Unleaded Petrol for $1.43 per litre. I have a 4c discount coupon. How much per litre will I pay for petrol?
A) $1.03
B) $1.37
C) $1.39
D) $1.47
  • 41. Below are the entry fees for my local swimming centre. How much will it cost for me to take myself and three children ages 2, 6 and 8?
A) $15.00
B) $13.00
C) $18.00
D) $11.00
  • 42. On the right is a picture of a speedometer in a car. Approximately how fast is the car travelling?
A) 60 kph
B) 75 kph
C) 70 kph
D) 65 kph
  • 43. Jason wants to paint the fence at the front of his house. The area of the fence is 120m2. A four litre can of paint covers 10m2. How many cans of paint will he need to buy?
A) 10
B) 12
C) 60
D) 120
  • 44. If I am at Wellington St Bus station and need to be at the Dog Swamp Shopping Centre by 9:00am – what is the latest time that I can catch a bus?
  • 45. On Saturday I am going to the HBF Arena to watch the swimming. The event starts at 1pm. What time do I need to catch the train from Perth Underground Station to get there in time?
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