Vocabulary 2
  • 1. Which word correctly completes the sentence? Which is _____ favorite flavor of ice cream?
A) you're
B) youre
C) none of the above
D) your
  • 2. She had to remind him to be there at 1 p.m. Remind means...
A) tell again
B) say once
C) listen to
D) mind again
  • 3. My brother boasted about his good grades. Boasted means...
A) cried
B) bragged
C) lied
D) told
  • 4. What was the cause of the traffic accident? Cause means...
A) reason
B) case
C) problem
D) place
  • 5. We _____ all day to finish painting the house. Which word means worked?
A) painted
B) observed
C) tried
D) labored
  • 6. Their flight was set to _____ on Friday. Which word means leave?
A) arrive
B) depart
C) return
D) begin
  • 7. Mary had to _____ Mr. Reynolds with the science experiment. Which word means help?
A) assist
B) define
C) explain
D) complete
  • 8. What does busiest mean?
A) the act of being busy
B) not busy
C) more busy
D) the most busy
  • 9. What does the worthless mean?
A) without worth
B) worth more
C) worth the most
D) full of worth
  • 10. What does meaningful mean?
A) the opposite of meaning
B) full of meaning
C) without meaning
D) capable of meaning
  • 11. What does disassociate mean?
A) to associate with
B) to not associate with
C) to associate with after
D) to associate with beforehand
  • 12. What does guiltily mean?
A) more guilty
B) without guilt
C) in a guilty way
D) full of guilt
  • 13. Which word means the same as dull?
A) interesting
B) shy
C) new
D) boring
  • 14. `]klnuhich word means the same as peer?
A) look
B) think
C) hear
D) drive
  • 15. Which word means the same as burst?
A) worst
B) combine
C) last
D) explode
  • 16. To offer something is to _____ it.
A) make
B) take
C) give
D) see
  • 17. To request something is to _____ it.
A) break
B) describe
C) ask for
D) tell about
  • 18. Something that happened previously happened in the _____.
A) never happened
B) future
C) past
D) present
  • 19. Which word means the opposite of the capitalized word? The time passed RAPIDLY during the test.
A) quickly
B) nearly
C) slowly
D) hurriedly
  • 20. Which word means the opposite of the capitalized word. Her injuries were \YghjqEVERE.
A) serious
B) harsh
C) several
D) mild
  • 21. Which word means the opposite of the capitalized word? The stain VAUR`aejISHED after I washed my shirt.
A) appeared
B) disappeared
C) left
D) arrived
  • 22. ]Zhikrhe opposite of rarely is _____.
A) never
B) often
C) sometimes
D) once
  • 23. The opposite of succeed is _____.
A) complete
B) accomplish
C) try
D) fail
  • 24. Which of these words probably comes from the Greek word gloss, which means language?
A) gloomy
B) glossy
C) colossal
D) glossary
  • 25. Which of these words probably comes from the Latin word roti, which means wheel or turn?
A) rotate
B) rotten
C) root
D) rot
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