2nd Qtr 5th ELA Test
  • 1. When he was 12 years old, Tom loved nothing better than to build models. Models of planes or ships were the most challenging to build. One summer, the young boy spent every evening working on his model of the Star Ship Enterprise, from the original Star Trek TV series. Instead of playing with his friends. Tom sat at his desk, carefully gluing the tiny plastic pieces in place. When the model was done and mounted on a platform, that star ship was perfect. The model even had engine lights that worked! Tom felt so proud. To him, there was nothing like building something with his own two hands. This story is told from which point of view?
A) A. The story shifts from first to third person.
B) B. The story shifts from third to first person.q
C) D. third person point of view
D) C. First person point of view
  • 2. Which paragraph below paints the most vivid picture?
A) C. The mountain was tall; it was also very rugged and dry for anything to grow on it. Since it was at a distance, it did not matter much in the movie.
B) a. The green grass in the landscape was a good addition in the natural backdrop for a setting in a romantic movie.
C) D. The lush, green grass dotted with petunias; the tall, snow-covered peaks; and the crystal-clear, blue sky all together made the perfect setting for a romantic movie.
D) B. The green grass, blue sky flowers, and the mountains at a distance were all good things to make a romantic movie.
  • 3. In the case of a fire, remember the acronym PASS. P ull out the pin at the top of the extinguisher. A im the spry hose at the base of the fire. S queeze the trigger to spray the extinguisher's contents. S weep the hose back and forth while spraying at the base of the fire. The purpose of the sign above is to
A) D. persuade people to purchase a fire extinguisher.
B) B. entertain people with a story about fighting a fire.
C) C. instruct people on how to use a fire extinguisher.
D) A. inform people about the different causes of fires.
  • 4. The musicians loaded their instruments onto the bus first thing in the morning. What does the pronoun their refer to?
A) A. musicians
B) C. instruments
C) B. bus
D) D. morning
  • 5. Unfortunately, the school library is only open until 10 p.m. tonight so I will have to skip football practice to study. What should the writer do to correct this sentence?
A) B. Add a comma after "tonight."
B) C. Remove the comma after "Unfortunately."
C) A. The sentence is correct.
D) D. Add a comma after "practice."
  • 6. Talia wanted to make a bookshelf for her dorm room. ___, she soon realized that she had a paper due the following week and two tests the week after that. As a result, Talia will have to wait until Fall Break to build her shelf. Which transitional word or phrase best completes this sentence?
A) A. Before
B) C. Because
C) D. Unfortunately
D) B. Otherwise
  • 7. Marina poured out the contents of her piggy-bank onto her bed. She had been saving up for a shiny new bicycle. Like a squirrel hording nuts, Marina put every penny she earned from babysitting into her bank. As she sat on the bed and counted the bills and coins, she dreamed of the blue bike sitting in the shop window. Someday, she knew it would be hers. The author compare Marina to
A) C. the shop window.
B) B. a squirrel.
C) A. a blue bicycle.
D) D. her piggy-bank.
  • 8. My cat Salem is over 23 pounds, which is very large for a cat. He likes to snack many times throughout the day___, my cousin Simon's cat is also overweight because he is always eating. Which transitional word or phrase best completes in this sentence?
A) A. Later
B) C. Certainly
C) D. Especially
D) B.Likewise
  • 9. Which pronoun best completes the sentence below? I'm sorry, but we do not have___in stock right now.
A) D. we
B) B. she
C) C. it
D) A. they
  • 10. Which word below should always be capitalized?
A) A. december
B) B. chocolate
C) D. blanket
D) C. snow
  • 11. Which sentence below has correct capitalization?
A) A. margo and i love watching moviews about dogs.
B) C. Margo and i love watching movies about dogs.
C) D. Margo and I love watching Movies about dogs.
D) B. Margo and I love watching movies about dogs.
  • 12. In 2007, Ford___that the 2008 Ford Mustang would have seats made from soy beans! What goes in the blank?
A) D. is announcing
B) C. announced
C) B. will announce
D) A. was announced
  • 13. Dijuana and her sisters___necklaces from stones they gather on their trip next month. What goes in the blank?
A) C. made
B) B. are making
C) A. will make
D) D. is making
  • 14. Kirsten was running late___there was traffic on the highway. What word best completes the sentence?
A) B. if
B) D. although
C) C. but
D) A. because
  • 15. Which sentence below has correct capitalization?
A) A. On Saturday, Grandma Jackie is taking me to the library.
B) C. On saturday, grandma Jackie is taking me to the library.
C) B. On Saturday, grandma Jackie is taking me to the library.
D) D. On Saturday, Grandma Jackie is taking me to the Library.
  • 16. After we went grocery shopping, my sister and I made dinner for the whole family. What is the subordinating conjunction in this sentence?
A) C. and
B) D. whole
C) B. for
D) A. after
  • 17. Like a bird in a cage, Anya perched by the window, waiting for summer to end. The August sun had tried her out, and only the chilly fall days would bring her back to life. Then one morning, Anya opened the door to see colorful autumn leaves dancing before her. They were ballet dancers twirling in the wind. With a thrill of happiness, Anya stepped onto the porch, welcoming the cool morning like a long-lost friend.
A) A. a bird.
B) D. autumn leaves.
C) B. the sun.
D) C. ballet dancers.
  • 18. Shooting baskets had been so much fun, Jesse had lost track of the hour. By the time he was jogging home, the sun had set and the wind was howling. Jesse wrapped his jacket tightly around himself and shivered. The dark streets seemed to swallow him, and shadows played tricks on him as he passed. Once, he caught sight of a figure in the doorway of a shop, but it was just his imagination. The journey home seemed longer than half a mile. Jesse wondered if it would ever end. Who is the intended audience for this passage?
A) C. parents who want their kids home by dark
B) B. people who like to read an exciting story
C) D. basketball players and other athletes
D) A. city employees who put in streetlights
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