Cato Pretest,
  • 1. which material travels from the roots to The leaves through the xylem?
A) Water
B) Sugar
C) Sunlight
D) Oxygen
  • 2. which organelle is the site or photosynthesis?
A) Ribosome
B) Nucleus
C) Chlorplast
D) Mitochondria
  • 3. where does the energy for photosynthesis come from?
A) Sugar
B) Water
C) Light
D) Oxygen
  • 4. What are the small opening on the bottom of the leaf called?
A) Mesophyll
B) Stoma
C) Cuticle
D) Phloem
  • 5. what does cellular respiration produce?
A) Trisomate
B) Oxygen
D) Sugar
  • 6. What does the plant use for food?
A) Starch
B) Dirt
C) Glucose
D) Lactose
  • 7. What gas is a waste product of photosynthesis?
A) Oxygen
B) Nitrogen
C) Helium
D) Carbon Dioxide
  • 8. What Kind of Organisms use photosynthesis
A) Fungi and Animals
B) Animals
C) Plants and Algae
D) Most Forms of life
  • 9. What kind of organisms use cellular respiration?
A) Most Forms of life
B) plants
C) algae
D) Fungi and animals
  • 10. Write the equation for photosynthesis
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