Hatchet Quiz Chapters 1-4
  • 1. Where was Brian Robeson headed in a Cessna 406 to spend hte summer with his dad?
A) the coast in Washington state
B) the wilderness of North Dakota
C) the cornfields of Oklahoma
D) the oil fields in Canada
  • 2. What did the pilot teach Brian while they were flying?
A) how to steer a Cessna 406
B) how to use a hatchet
C) how to read the instrument panel on a Cessna 406
D) how to fill the gas tank on a Cessna 406
  • 3. What was Brian thinking about while riding in the Cessna 406?
A) catching fish
B) his girlfriend
C) his parents' divorce
D) what he and his father were going to do over the summer
  • 4. What was the first sign that the pilot was not feeling well?
A) the pilot clutched his stomach
B) the pilot rubbed his left shoulder
C) the pilot grabbed his chest
D) the pilot said his eyes were burning
  • 5. How often did Brian use the radio to call for help?
A) every 10 minutes
B) every 30 minutes
C) every 2 hours
D) every hour
  • 6. Where did Brian decide to land the plane?
A) on an empty road
B) in an empty field
C) on the edge of a lake
D) on top of a mountain
  • 7. What is the main conflict of Chapters 1 and 2?
A) The pilot who is flying the Cessna has a heart attack leaving Brian alone in the plane.
B) Brian's mother gives him a gift he doesn't like.
C) Brian's parents get a divorce.
D) Brian must spend the summer with his father in Canada instead of with his friends in New York.
  • 8. Why does the Cessna crash?
A) it runs out of gas
B) the plane hits a tree
C) the plane has engine failure
D) a bird hits the propeller
  • 9. What was the worst pain that Brian experienced when he woke up the next morning?
A) the cut on his chest
B) the throb in his head
C) the twisting of his stomach
D) the pounding in his jaw
  • 10. What bothered Brian before the sun came up?
A) deer
B) mosquitoes
C) bats
D) snakes
  • 11. Which sequence best describes the order of events in Hatchet? 1) The plane crashed into the lake. 2)Brian felt like his legs were on fire and his head felt like a hammer was hitting him. 3) Brian vomited. 4) The pilot had a heart attack and died.
A) 4, 3, 1, 2
B) 3, 2, 4, 1
C) 2, 4, 1, 3
D) 1, 2, 4, 3
  • 12. Which statement from Hatchet contains a cause-and-effect relationship?
A) The pilot in the plane, down into the water, down into the blue water strapped in the seat. . .
B) Because the mosquitoes, the backs of his hands were puffy and his eyes were alomost swollen shut, and he saw everything through a narrow squint.
C) THe crash is over and I am alive, he thought.
D) He raised himself and crawled out of the water, grunting with pain of movement.
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