Down on the Farm
  • 1. Where is the setting?
A) at the farm
B) on the street
  • 2. The story is
A) biography
B) fantasy
C) realistic fiction
  • 3. Who is the main character?
A) Jacy
B) Mom
C) an old friend
  • 4. What was the first thing they did when they got to the farm?
A) planted a garden
B) ate dinner
C) went to bed
  • 5. What did jacy hear in the morning?
A) Hens and roosters
B) horns and roosters
C) cars and trucks
  • 6. On page 7, what problem does Jacy have?
A) She wanted food
B) She wanted to plant
C) There was a strange sound
  • 7. Look at page 10, How is Jacys problem solved?
A) She got to milk a goat
B) She found out where the sound was coming from
C) She got to plant corn
  • 8. Why were the goats making the sound?
A) It was milking time
B) They were sleepy
C) They wanted to play
  • 9. What will they do with the goat milk?
A) Make a cake
B) Make cheese
C) Make eggs for the morning
  • 10. How do you know that Down on the Farm is Realistic Fiction?
A) It is what farmers do on a farm.
B) People eat goat cheese
C) Hens are always making a sound
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