• 1. What does "unhurt" mean?
A) not hurt
B) hurt
C) hurt badly
  • 2. What is the root word in "disapprove"?
A) dis
B) approve
C) app
  • 3. What is the correct spelling of the prefix "un-" and the root word "wrap"?
A) unnwrap
B) unrapp
C) unwrap
D) unrap
  • 4. What do you do if you "reread" a book?
A) read it for the first time
B) don't read it
C) read it again
  • 5. ^[ijnshat is the root word in "untie"?
A) un
B) unt
C) tie
  • 6. What does it mean if you "disagree" with something?
A) won't agree
B) not agree
C) agree more
  • 7. What does "informal" mean?
A) formal
B) formal inside
C) not formal
  • 8. How would you spell the word meaning "not possible"?
A) dispossible
B) unpossible
C) impossible
  • 9. If you want to say someone is "not helpful", which word would you use?
A) imhelpful
B) dishelpful
C) unhelpful
  • 10. What does "redo" mean?
A) do it now
B) do it again
C) do it later
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