Geography Quiz CBSE/Social Science/Class7 - Part2
Contributed by: Narayanan

__1. AtmosphereA. Narrow zone where land, water and air interact
__2. BiosphereB. Our surroundings
__3. EnvironmentC. Blanket of air which surrounds the Earth
__4. HydrosphereD. Domain of water

__5. ClayE. Changes into slate
__6. CoreF. Used for roads and buildings
__7. MineralsG. Innermost layer
__8. RocksH. Has definite chemical composition
__9. SialI. Made of silicon and alumina

__10. BeachJ. Vibrations of Earth
__11. EarthquakeK. Hard bed rock
__12. GlacierL. Sea shore
__13. MeandersM. Rivers
__14. Sand dunesN. River of ice
__15. WaterfallO. Deserts

__16. LooP. Permanent wind
__17. MonsoonQ. Local wind
__18. Trade WindsR. Seasonal wind
__19. WindS. Horizontal movement of air

__20. Caspian SeaT. Strong seismic waves
__21. Ocean currentsU. Periodic rise and fall of water
__22. TideV. Streams of water moving along definite paths
__23. TsunamiW. Largest lake

__24. CamposA. Softwood tree
__25. CedarB. A citrus fruit
__26. DownsC. Temperate grassland in Australia
__27. ElephantD. Tropical grassland of Brazil
__28. OlivesE. A polar animal
__29. WalrusF. An animal of tropical deciduous forest

__30. Canal routeG. Areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade and s
__31. Compact settlementH. A means of communication
__32. InternetI. Closely-built area of houses
__33. Urban areasJ. Inland waterway

__34. Cotton textileK. Slanting roof
__35. KazirangaL. Fish
__36. MalocaM. Sericulture
__37. PiranhaN. Assam
__38. Silk wormO. Varanasi

__39. ChinookP. Iron and Steel
__40. CoalQ. Hot wind
__41. CowboysR. Animal
__42. GoldS. Johannesburg
__43. KuduT. Prairies

__44. BedouinsU. Monastery
__45. GangriV. Glacier
__46. LamayuruW. Libya
__47. OasisX. Sahara
__48. OilY. Depressions with water
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Answer Key

1.C  2.A  3.B  4.D 

5.E  6.G  7.H  8.F  9.I 

10.L  11.J  12.N  13.M  14.O  15.K 

16.Q  17.R  18.P  19.S 

20.W  21.V  22.U  23.T 

24.D  25.A  26.C  27.F  28.B  29.E 

30.J  31.I  32.H  33.G 

34.O  35.N  36.K  37.L  38.M 

39.Q  40.P  41.T  42.S  43.R 

44.X  45.V  46.U  47.Y  48.W 

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