Wild Shots, They're My Life Comprehension
  • 1. The informational selection is most like a __________.
A) biography
B) magazine article
C) textbook
D) fairy tale
  • 2. The author of this selection grew up in ________.
A) the Galapagos Islands
B) the United States
C) Antarctica
D) Europe
  • 3. As an adult, the author is able to take good photos of animals because she _________.
A) travels all over the world
B) waits until the animals are used to having her around
C) gives food to the animals
D) has a good camera to take photos
  • 4. The author hurried to take a photo of the penguins because the _______.
A) parents were feeding the chick
B) parents were walking away
C) chick was sleeping
D) chick was furry
  • 5. How is a Galapagos Marine Iguana different from other lizards?
A) It has sharp claws
B) It looks like a dragon
C) It eats in the ocean
D) It has spines on its back.
  • 6. The author was able to take a photo of the iguana because she ______.
A) had a waterproof camera
B) kept her camera out of the water
C) covered her camera in a mask
D) put her camera in a waterproof case
  • 7. In Tui De Roy's opinion, what makes a photo exciting?
A) that the animals are furry and feathered
B) that the animals are rare
C) that the photos are taken on islands
D) that the animals are minding their own business.
  • 8. Why were the elephant bull seals fighting?
A) They were fighting over food.
B) Each of them wanted to be in charge of the beach.
C) Fighting was their way of playing.
D) One was mad because the other one fell on him.
  • 9. According to De Roy, what was it like to take the photo of the elephant seals?
A) funny
B) dangerous
C) easy
D) boring
  • 10. In this article, shotsmeans ______.
A) needles
B) photographs
C) guns
D) cameras
  • 11. Which word best tells how the author feels about wild animals?
A) curious
B) annoyed
C) surprised
D) scared
  • 12. All the animals in this selection belong to a group of animals that _______.
A) have scales
B) have four legs
C) can swim
D) live near the ocean
  • 13. Any of these words could describe Tui De Roy in the selection. Choose the word you think "best" describes Tui De Roy. "curious" "daring" "patient" Support you choice with "two" details from the selection.
  • 14. The author's purpose for writing this story may have been to inform about how to take wild life pictures. Support this purpose with "two" details from the story.
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Answer Key

1.B   2.A   3.B   4.B   5.C   6.D   7.D   8.B   9.B   10.B   11.A   12.D   13.    14.   

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