Sign of the Beaver Chapters 1-6
  • 1. What is the setting at the beginning of the book?
A) The wilderness, just after his father left him alone.
B) They are very close to an Indian village.
C) The family is on a boat on their way to America.
D) Quincy, Massachusetts, right before he and his father left on their trip.
  • 2. Knowing that Matt had a knot in his stomach, what does that mean?
A) He has a stomach bug because he ate a poisonous plant.
B) He is very hungry.
C) His pants are too small and they hurt his stomach.
D) He is kind of nervous and scared.
  • 3. Matt's father took Matt's old "blunderbuss." What did he take?
A) a watch
B) a map
C) a garden tool
D) a gun
  • 4. What is a treaty?
A) It is a type of tool used for hunting.
B) It is an agreement between two people.
C) A treaty is a sign in the forest.
D) It is small light for a cabin.
  • 5. What did Matt use for the task of "chinking"?
A) clay
B) puddy
C) rocks
D) cement
  • 6. If Matt met an Indian, his father told him that he should speak to him just the same as.....
A) his mother at home.
B) his teacher at school.
C) his minister back home.
D) he would to a policeman.
  • 7. What was Matt doing when an unannounced stranger showed up?
A) He was cleaning out his living room.
B) He was waiting for his supper to cook.
C) He was playing Guitar Hero on his Xbox.
D) He was tending to the garden.
  • 8. What did he serve Ben?
A) stew
B) hamburger
C) eggs and bacon
D) fish
  • 9. What is a deacon?
A) a small animal found in Maine
B) a small bird
C) a man who works in a bank
D) a leader in a church
  • 10. What is a hunch?
A) tool used for gardening
B) a kind of rifle
C) a bow
D) a gut feeling
  • 11. If you are deprived of something, you are.....
A) going without it
B) running very quickly
C) looking for a friend
D) find things easily
  • 12. What was tracked all over the floor of the cabin?
A) Salt
B) Honey
C) Stew
D) Flour
  • 13. How did the bear get into his cabin?
A) Matt accidentally left the door open.
B) Matt neglected to bar the door.
C) The bear climbed down through the chimney.
D) The bear broke the window and came in.
  • 14. Who brought the bees to America?
A) the colonists
B) the Indians
C) the Mexicans
D) no one really knows
  • 15. How many times did Matt think he would get stung when he tried to get honey from the bees?
A) a lot
B) just once or twice
C) not at all
D) maybe three times
  • 16. What did Matt lose while he was running from the bees?
A) his fishing rod
B) his Playstation 2
C) his boot
D) his gun
  • 17. What are chores?
A) fish
B) bills
C) insects
D) small jobs
  • 18. What was the old Indian's name?
A) Pewter
B) Saknis
C) Skitcher
D) Nda
  • 19. What are moccasins?
A) shoes made out of wood
B) shoes made out of an animal's hoof
C) shoes made by an Indian
D) shoes made out of an animal's hide
  • 20. What state is Matt's family from?
A) Massachusetts
B) Maine
C) New York
D) Rhode Island
Answer Key

1.A   2.D   3.D   4.B   5.A   6.C   7.B   8.A   9.D   10.D   11.A   12.D   13.B   14.A   15.B   16.C   17.D   18.B   19.D   20.A  

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