The Odyssey, Part I
  • 1. Which of the following do the men NOT do on the island of Ismarus?
A) plunder their goods
B) slaughter the cattle
C) forget about their home
D) enslave the women
  • 2. Why does Odysseus think that they were defeated by the Cicones?
A) they weren't as strong
B) they were not in Zeus' favor
C) the Cicones were angry at them for plundering their island
D) they were tired and hungry after traveling
  • 3. What is Odysseus feeling while being held captive by Calypso?
A) longings for home
B) relaxation from being worry-free
C) nothing
D) anger at his crew for wanting to stay
  • 4. In the beginning of "The Lotus Eaters," what keeps Odysseus from reaching home?
A) the current in the ocean
B) the East, North, and South winds
C) a sea monster
D) his crew
  • 5. What happens to the crew members who eat the lotus?
A) they die
B) the forget about home
C) they turn into swine
D) they kill themselves
  • 6. What type of figurative language is used in the description of dawn coming "with ringlets shining"?
A) metaphor
B) hyperbole
C) imagery
D) personification
  • 7. Why does Odysseus not kill Polyphemus when he first gets the opportunity to do so?
A) He knew he would feel guilty.
B) They needed Polyphemus to move the boulder.
C) Polyphemus was sleeping.
D) He was afraid of Polyphemus' power.
  • 8. What does Odysseus do to escape from Polyphemus?
A) All of these.
B) He stabbed him in the eye.
C) He tied himself to the belly of a sheep.
D) He exited the cave with the rams.
  • 9. What lessons could people today learn from the Cyclops episode?
A) Take responsibility for your actions.
B) Don't get trapped in a cave with a monster.
C) Tell others about your accomplishments.
D) Think before you act.
  • 10. Insidious means:
A) in a sad and lonely state
B) finished quickly
C) characterized by treachery
D) holds dear
  • 11. What does the ghost of Elpenor request of Odysseus?
A) that he go home
B) that Odysseus bury him
C) that he leave the cattle alone
D) that he pray to Zeus
  • 12. What does Tiresias foretell?
A) They will encounter the cattle of Helios.
B) Poseidon will seek revenge for stabbing Polyphemus.
C) All of these
D) If the cattle are harmed, Odysseus' crew will be destroyed.
  • 13. How did Odysseus react upon the sight of his mother?
A) He openly grieves.
B) He shakes her hand.
C) He doesn't look at her.
D) He hugs her.
  • 14. What does Odysseus' crew do to him so that he can resist the Sirens' song?
A) They put beeswax over their ears.
B) They send him to bed.
C) They send him under the deck.
D) They tie him up.
  • 15. A squall washed the ship ashore. What does squall mean?
A) a violent storm
B) goods taken by force
C) enormous
D) a strong wind
  • 16. What does Odysseus use to protect his crew from the Sirens' song?
A) prayer
B) earplugs
C) rope
D) beeswax
  • 17. Scylla is a:
A) monster made of gray rock
B) a powerful sorceress
C) a whirlpool in the ocean
D) a beautiful singing nymph
  • 18. How many of Odysseus' men does Scylla kill?
A) 8
B) all of them
C) none
D) 6
  • 19. Which saying best describes the episode of Scylla and Charybdis?
A) "Don't let the cat out of the bag."
B) "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."
C) "Caught between a rock and a hard place."
D) "Don't put your foot in your mouth."
  • 20. Left in a sad and lonely state is:
A) dispatched
B) bereft
C) cherishes
D) mammoth
  • 21. According to Eurylochus, which type of death is the worst?
A) starvation
B) burning
C) drowning
D) being eaten alive
  • 22. Which god becomes angry at Odysseus and his crew for destroying his cattle?
A) Poseidon
B) Zeus
C) Helios
D) Polyphemus
  • 23. How does Odysseus manage to escape Charybdis?
A) none of these
B) by clinging to a fig tree
C) by praying to Zeus
D) by building a boat
  • 24. Who is the most powerful of the gods?
A) Agamemnon
B) Poseidon
C) Athena
D) Zeus
  • 25. Which of the following is an epithet in The Odyssey?
A) dawn's rosy fingertips
B) master of landways and seaways
C) All of these
D) monster of gray rock
  • 26. After turning Odysseus' men into swine, _______________ eventually gives Odysseus and his men valuable advice.
A) Circe
B) Siren
C) Scylla
D) Calypso
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Answer Key

1.C   2.B   3.A   4.A   5.B   6.D   7.B   8.A   9.D   10.C   11.B   12.C   13.A   14.D   15.A   16.D   17.A   18.D   19.C   20.B   21.A   22.C   23.B   24.D   25.A   26.A  

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