Pocahontas and the Strangers 2
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  • 1. What tradition normally took place when a king was crowned?
A) People did not work on that day.
B) Guns were fired.
C) A song was sung by the people.
D) A feast was held in the middle of the town.
  • 2. What was one of the gifts that Captain Newport gave to Chief Powhatan?
A) an umbrella
B) a wooden bed
C) a picture of the London Bridge
D) a glass vase
  • 3. What gift did Chief Powhatan give to Captain Newport?
A) a tobacco pipe
B) an old, worn fur cloak
C) a deer skin blanket
D) a shell necklace
  • 4. What did it mean when women and children went to the "hiding place"?
A) Winter was coming.
B) A secret wedding was to occur.
C) War was to begin.
D) A suprise festival was taking place.
  • 5. What did Pocahontas do once she overheard that her father was planning to kill John Smith?
A) She went to Nantaquas to ask for advice.
B) She went in the night to warn John Smith with the news.
C) She cried and asked her father to let her and John Smith get married.
D) She and Hapsis planned to rescue him.
  • 6. What news did Tom Savage bring Pocahontas about John Smith?
A) He had been killed in a gun explosion.
B) He had been given a new job as Governor in France.
C) He had been attacked by a bear.
D) He had been taken away to a nearby village.
  • 7. What item did Tassana probably get from Captain Argall for persuading Pocahontas to go on board the ship?
A) a silver chain
B) a copper kettle
C) a beaded hair comb
D) a gold mirror
  • 8. Why was Pocahontas taken as a prisoner by Captain Argall?
A) The English wanted to get back their men and guns that had been stolen by the natives.
B) They were angry at her for her kindness only to John Smith.
C) She had not helped them find any gold.
D) She was an Indian princess.
  • 9. What did it mean to everyone when they heard the bells ringing?
A) A wedding was to take place.
B) A visitor had entered their settlement.
C) The workday was to begin.
D) It was time for church.
  • 10. What new English name was Pocahontas given?
A) Elizabeth
B) Emma
C) Rebecca
D) Mary
  • 11. What gift was she given by John Rolfe?
A) a shell necklace
B) a wooden chain
C) copper earrings
D) a music box
  • 12. Who did Pocahontas eventually marry?
A) Governor Gates
B) John Smith
C) John Rolfe
D) Captain Newport
  • 13. What crop was planted by John Rolfe that the English had not tried to grow before?
A) wheat
B) barley
C) tobacco
D) rice
  • 14. What was the name given to Pocahontas's baby?
A) William
B) Thomas
C) Robert
D) Benjamin
  • 15. What was the weather quite often like in London?
A) gray and rainy
B) humid and dry
C) bright and snowy
D) hot and sunny
  • 16. What animal did Pocahontas's son see and pretend to be that caused such great excitement?
A) a cat
B) a pig
C) a horse
D) an elephant
  • 17. What royalty did Pocahontas meet when she went to the palace?
A) Duchess Maria and Duke Malcolm
B) Queen Anne and King James
C) Princess Isabella and Prince Edward
D) Lady Elizabeth and Lord Earl
  • 18. What did Pocahontas do when John Smith came to see her?
A) ran to her bedroom
B) smiled brightly and laughed with excitement
C) invited him in for tea
D) went to him and hugged him
  • 19. Pocahontas became very sick. Which of the following symptoms did she have with her illness?
A) an ache in her side
B) pains in her stomach
C) a high fever
D) a broken ankle
  • 20. If the English came to her village in 1607 and she had seen eleven summers, how old was Pocahontas when she died if the New Year was 1617?
A) 42 years old
B) 21 years old
C) 59 years old
D) 34 years old
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Answer Key

1.B   2.B   3.B   4.C   5.B   6.A   7.B   8.A   9.D   10.C   11.B   12.C   13.C   14.B   15.A   16.C   17.B   18.A   19.C   20.B  

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