Boom Town Comprehension
  • 1. Many people traveled in a _______________ during Old West times.
A) landmark
B) stagecoach
C) skillet
D) settle
  • 2. On our trip to New York, we visited the Statue of Liberty, a famous _____________.
A) skillet
B) boom town
C) landmark
D) stagecoach
  • 3. Every day, the ___________ took their tools and went off to the gold mines.
A) boom town
B) landmark
C) settle
D) miners
  • 4. In the Old West, a settlement often turned into a _____________.
A) boom town
B) stagecoach
C) settle
D) skillet
  • 5. The miners collected a pan full of gold ___________.
A) skillet
B) settle
C) nuggets
D) landmark
  • 6. Uncle Jim makes pancakes in a ____________.
A) settle
B) skillet
C) landmark
D) nuggets
  • 7. The Browns want to _________ in a place where there are good schools.
A) boom town
B) settle
C) stagecoach
D) landmark
  • 8. This selection takes place long ago in _______.
A) gold fields
B) California
C) St. Joe
D) Oregon
  • 9. Pa has brought his family out west because he thinks he'll _____.
A) learn to read
B) make his wife happy
C) strike it rich
D) work all day without pay
  • 10. Who is telling the story?
A) Ma
B) Amanda
C) Pa
D) Baby Betsy
  • 11. In the selection, the phrase "Once in a while a crow flew by" shows how _____ life was.
A) beautiful
B) funny
C) boring
D) happy
  • 12. Because Pa lives in the gold fields during the week, he ______.
A) helps Amanda's pie business get started
B) picks apples for pies
C) can't find pans for Amanda
D) makes crusts for the pies
  • 13. Ma said it was unlikely that Amanda could make pie because ______.
A) there wasn't enough flour for a pie crust
B) Amanda was poor at baking pies
C) the boys would make fun of her
D) there were no pie pans and there was no oven
  • 14. Amanda was ________ about baking pies.
A) persistent
B) angry
C) grateful
D) foolish
  • 15. The main reason Amanda was successful at baking her first pie was that ______.
A) Pa came home to encourage her
B) she learned to solver her problem a different way
C) her brothers finally decided to help
D) Ma ended up making it for her
  • 16. Pa came home with money on Saturday night because he had _______.
A) sold Amanda's pie
B) traded his horse
C) landed another job
D) struck gold
  • 17. Many of the miners decide that ______.
A) only young miners strike it rich
B) it is easier to get rich doing something else
C) mining for gold is an easy way to get rich
D) living apart from your family is too hard
  • 18. The main purpose of this story is to show how a ______.
A) little girl learns to bake
B) town gets its start
C) family strikes it rich
D) brother and sister can get along
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Answer Key

1.B   2.C   3.D   4.A   5.C   6.B   7.B   8.B   9.C   10.B   11.C   12.A   13.D   14.A   15.B   16.A   17.B   18.B  

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