Leah's Pony Comprehension
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  • 1. This selection is most like ________.
A) a biography
B) a historical fiction
C) personal narrative
D) an informational story
  • 2. Leah gets her pony "the year the corn grew tall and straight" because ________.
A) Leah has to go to town on errands
B) Papa earns good money from selling corn
C) Papa needs a horse to round up the cattle
D) Leah keeps asking for one
  • 3. The year that the corn grew not taller than a man's thumb, things change in Leah's house because _________.
A) Papa is very sick
B) Leah can't keep the pony's coat shining
C) the family had no money
D) the nights are hot and dry
  • 4. The sky turns black some days because________.
A) flocks of birds fly over
B) clouds cover the sky
C) dust fills the sky
D) it rains hard
  • 5. Why does Mama make underwear for Leah out of flour sacks?
A) Mama has no money to buy cloth.
B) there is no place to buy cloth.
C) The sacks are a pretty color.
D) The material is soft.
  • 6. Papa borrows money from the bank to buy _______.
A) cattle
B) Leah's pony
C) seeds
D) a tractor
  • 7. Times are hard for farmers because ______.
A) the farm equipment breaks and can't be fixed
B) all the farm animals get sick and die
C) the grasshoppers and the lack of rain have ruined their crops
D) the farmers can't afford to buy seed
  • 8. What is the hardest thing for Papa to sell?
A) his pickup truck
B) Mama's rooster
C) the tractor
D) Leah's favorite calf
  • 9. Leah thinks Mr. B. might buy her pony because he ________.
A) likes animals
B) tells her the pony is the finest in the county
C) once asked her if he could buy the pony
D) has a lot of money
  • 10. Who is the man in the big hat?
A) Papa
B) Mr. B.
C) a neighbor
D) the auctioneer
  • 11. A penny auction occurs when people _______.
A) pay a penny to watch the auction
B) buy valuable things for small amounts of money
C) pay only a penny for each thing they buy
D) buy pennies for their coin collections
  • 12. Which word best tells about Leah's neighbors?
A) generous
B) curious
C) nosy
D) careful
  • 13. How does Leah plan to keep someone else from buying Papa's tractor?
  • 14. After Leah bids on the tractor for her dad, what do the neighbors do next?
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Answer Key

1.B   2.B   3.C   4.C   5.A   6.C   7.C   8.C   9.B   10.D   11.B   12.A   13.    14.   

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