America's Best Girl
Contributed by: Adler

  • 1. What is one thing that didn't make crossing the English Channel difficult?
A) The rocky coast
B) heavy ship traffic
C) raw sewage and stinging jellyfish
D) clinging seaweed
  • 2. What was not true about Trudy Ederle?
A) She crossed the English Channel the first time she tried
B) She was one of the best all around swimmers in the world
C) She grew up in New York
D) She used to swim in the ocean every day
  • 3. Why did she put grease on her body?
A) to make her glide off the waves
B) to protect her from the sun
C) to keep sharks away
D) to protect her from the cold
  • 4. What did the people on the boat next to her do?
A) all of the things listed here
B) They tried to get her to stop when the weather got bad.
C) They sang silly songs to keep her from getting bored.
D) They carried a sign to encourage her
  • 5. The English Channel is...
A) A waterway between England and Spain
B) A waterway between New York and England.
C) A waterway between England and France
D) A roadway between England and Spain
  • 6. Why do you think the author wrote this article?
A) To report about Olympic Heroes from the past.
B) To provide an example of a woman who broke sterotypes and show that girls can do things as well as boys.
C) To teach people about the history of swimmers who tried to swim the English Channel.
D) To try to persuade people from trying to swim the English Channel.
  • 7. Trudy broke the old world record. The old record holder took close to how many hours to cross the channel?
A) 9
B) 16
C) 14
D) 18
  • 8. "Most people thought that no woman was strong enough to complete such an arduous swim." In this sentence, what does "arduous" mean?
A) cold
B) dangerous
C) difficult
D) long
  • 9. After completing her journey, Trudy had to stop competing. How did she feel about this?
A) She felt okay because she had accomplished her life's biggest goal.
B) Sad
C) depressed
D) Angry that she had crossed the channel
  • 10. After completing her journey, Trudy....
A) Had a stubbed toe.
B) Had all the injuries listed here.
C) Had damaged her hearing.
D) Had a tongue that was swollen twice its normal size.
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Answer Key

1.A   2.A   3.D   4.A   5.C   6.B   7.B   8.C   9.A   10.B  

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