Volleyball Quiz
  • 1. A regulation volleyball game is played to ____ points, but you must win by 2 points.
A) 15
B) 25
C) 21
D) 11
  • 2. What is it called when you step on or over the line while serving?
A) Foot fault
B) Net violation
C) Let
D) Side out
  • 3. A ___________ is the name of a hit when the ball is contacted with the fingertips above the head.
A) Serve
B) Forearm pass
C) Spike
D) Set
  • 4. What is a type of pass where the hands are clenched together and contact is made between the wrists and elbows?
A) Set
B) Overhead pass
C) Serve
D) Forearm pass
  • 5. What is the name of the hit used to begin each point?
A) Set
B) Serve
C) Volley
D) Spike
  • 6. What is the maximum number of hits a team can use to get the ball over the net during play?
A) 4
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
  • 7. If a player hits the ball twice consecutively, it is called what?
A) Fault
B) Net violation
C) Double hit
D) Attack
  • 8. If a player hits the ball with two open palms, it is called a ______.
A) Attack
B) Carry
C) Hand violation
D) Double hit
  • 9. Which of these is NOT a type of hit?
A) Serve
B) Forearm bump
C) Spike
D) Volley
  • 10. How many attempts does a player have to get the serve over the net?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 1
D) 4
  • 11. (T or F) Teams flip a coin to determine who serves first.
  • 12. (T or F) A player may hit the ball twice during a volley.
  • 13. (T or F) The team will rotate each time they win the serve.
  • 14. (T or F) A player may not spike a serve.
  • 15. If a serve hits the top of the net, but continues over the net, it is a _________.
A) Point for the other team
B) Let
C) Playable ball
D) Out of bounds
  • 16. (T or F) A point is scored on every serve of the ball.
  • 17. Is a ball that hits the boundary line considered in or out?
  • 18. A ball that is served to the other team where no one touches it is called a(n) ______.
A) Ace
B) Stuff
C) Kill
D) Dig
  • 19. (T or F) Players rotate counterclockwise.
  • 20. (T or F) A game may be won with a score of 30-29.
Answer Key

1.B   2.A   3.D   4.D   5.B   6.D   7.C   8.B   9.D   10.C   11. F   12. F   13. T   14. T   15.C   16. T   17. In   18.A   19. F   20. F  

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