Narnia:Chapters 1-4
  • 1. What do the children do on raiiny days?
A) THe children play american football.
B) The children play hide-and-seek.
C) The children play manhunt.
D) The children play hockey.
E) The children play tricks on people.
  • 2. How do Lucy and Edmund get into Narnia?
A) They get in through a gate.
B) They get in through a trap door in the floor.
C) They get in Narnia in a forest.
D) They get in through a wardrobe.
E) They get in where there is a lamp post.
  • 3. Who does Lucy meet in Narnia?
A) A tiger
B) The Queen
C) Mr. Tumnus
D) The Great Aslan
E) A giant
  • 4. Who does Edmund meet?
A) The Queen
B) A tiger
C) he Great Aslan
D) Mr. Tumnus
E) A giant
  • 5. What is Turkish Delight?
A) It is a kind of chocolate bar.
B) It is a sweet pastry.
C) Its is a delight from Turky
D) It is a fruit.
E) It is an ancient Greek dessert.
  • 6. What does Edmund think about alot after entering Narnia?
A) His sister
B) Turkish Delight
C) Snow
D) The cold
E) The Queen of Narnia
  • 7. The Queen asks Edmund to bring ______________ to Narnia when he comes back.
A) Turkish Delight
B) A dog
C) His brother and sisters
D) A warm jacket
E) A sled
  • 8. The Queen can turn people into...
A) ice
B) gold
C) water
D) wood
E) stone
  • 9. While Edmund meets the Queen, Lucy does what?
A) Finds another secret passage.
B) FInds out she has secret powers.
C) Go skating.
D) Have lunch with Mr. Tumnus
E) Gets lost.
  • 10. Who accompanies the Queen?
A) A princess
B) A faun
C) A dwarf
D) A cougar
E) A lizard
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