Why the Opussum's Tail is Bare
  • 1. Rabbit was responsible for all of the following EXCEPT..
A) the deer losing their sharp wolf-like teeth
B) a zebra being striped
C) the opposum losing his bushy tail
D) the buzzard losing his handsome topknot of feathers
  • 2. In the begining, the opposum's tail
A) was covered with thick black fur
B) was covered with spikes
C) was covered with whisker like hair
D) was bald
  • 3. How did Opposum feel about his tail before the trick?
A) He didn't even realize he had a tail.
B) He hated it because it required a lot of work.
C) He loved it because it was beautiful.
D) He didn't like it because Rabbit had a nicer one.
  • 4. Which would describe how Rabbit acted?
A) He was a show-off.
B) He was helpful.
C) He was very nice and caring.
D) He loved Rabbit.
  • 5. Why was Opposum's tail useful?
A) He could sleep on it and it kept him warm during time of cold weather.
B) He used it to clean the wax out of his ears.
C) He used it as a broom when cleaning his house.
D) He used it as a weapon when other animals tried to harm him.
  • 6. True or False...Rabbit used to have a long, bushy tail.
A) False
B) True
  • 7. How did Rabbit feel when he saw Opposum strutting with his tail in front of the other animals?
A) Jealous and angry
B) depressed
C) overcome with grief
D) happy
  • 8. Why did Opposum want a special seat at the meeting / dance?
A) Because he wanted to show off his beautiful, long tail
B) Because those animals with special seats are served food first.
C) Because he wanted to sit next to Cricket.
D) Because he wanted to see better.
  • 9. What does the sentence on the second page that says, "Rabbit left him singing the praises of his tail more loudly than usual." mean?
A) That Rabbit was complimenting Opposum's tail more than usual
B) That Rabbit was making fun of Opossum's tail.
C) That Rabbit want to be in a musical group.
D) That Rabbit was singing.
  • 10. How did other animal's feel about Opossum?
A) They, like Rabbit, found his bragging to be tiresome.
B) They thought he was a great cook.
C) They thought he was a kind hearted, generous animal.
D) They loved him the most.
  • 11. Which animal was the barber?
A) Bear
B) Opossum
C) Cricket
D) Rabbit
  • 12. Why did Cricket wrap the red cord around Opossum's tail?
A) Because they didn't want the tail to get dirty.
B) So Opossum would not see what Cricket had done to it.
C) Because they didn't want a car not see the tail and run over it.
D) So that Opossum would look handsome for the dance.
  • 13. Why did the animals begin to applaud when Opossum began to sing?
A) Because Opposum's tail was bald and scaly.
B) Because he announced he was marrying Piglet.
C) Because he was such a great singer.
D) Because Bear was giving Opossum an award.
  • 14. The end of the story explains what opossum behavior?
A) Opossums likeing to do tricks.
B) Opossums sleeping during the day.
C) Opossums play dead when taken by surprise.
D) Opossums making a singing sound when surprised.
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