Parts of Speech: articles, adjective, verbs, nouns
  • 1. In the sentence "Andrea is a good friend", what is the verb?
A) is
B) friend
C) Andrea
D) good
  • 2. In the sentence " the teacher was proud of her students", what is the article?
A) the
B) students
C) her
D) is proud
  • 3. In the sentence "Chicago is a great city", which words are nouns?
A) great and city
B) Chicago and is
C) is a
D) Chicago and city
  • 4. In the sentence "Ms. C loves to drink hot coffee", which is the adjective?
A) loves
B) coffee
C) hot
D) Ms. C
  • 5. In the sentence "I love eating spicy food at Mexican restaurants." what are the adjectives ?
A) I and at
B) spicy and food
C) love and eating
D) Mexican and spicy
  • 6. In the sentence "I put my work on the table " what is the preposition?
A) table
B) on
C) the
D) my work
  • 7. In the sentence "the little girl whined because she wanted an ice cream", what are the verbs?
A) little and ice
B) an and the
C) whined and wanted
D) the and little
  • 8. In the sentence " A striped lizard crawled under the rock?" what is the article?
A) a
B) striped
C) lizard
D) crawled
  • 9. In the sentence "Don't eat with your mouth open", what is the noun?
A) eat
B) don't
C) open
D) mouth
  • 10. In the sentence "Earth is a beautiful green planet which spins very fast," which words are nouns?
A) beautiful and green
B) is and spins
C) green and planet
D) Earth and planet
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