Figurative Language Review
  • 1. The snake was as long as a living room. Which figurative language was used?
A) A simile was used to let the reader know that the snake was very lengthy.
B) A metaphor was used because the snake is compared to a large area.
C) Alliteration was used because a snake makes the hissing sound.
D) Personification was used because the snake was given human qualities.
  • 2. When the author writes that "a soldier is a statue." The author is helping the reader use a type of figurative language to characterize how the soldier looks or acts. Which sentence can be used to describe the soldier?
A) The soldier moved around a lot.
B) The soldier was motionless and still.
C) The soldier moves while he stands.
D) The soldier was moving quickly.
  • 3. Which word uses a complex compound word in the sentence below?
A) The waterfall was very comforting.
B) I fell into my dad's outstretched arms.
C) Papa sits by the warm fireplace.
D) The oilskin pouch had a letter inside.
  • 4. Papa is reading a book that his grandson gave him for his birthday. The title of the book is All About Alligators. If Papa wanted to find more information about an alligator's nose, which page would be helpful?
A) the scales of alligators, p. 64
B) the speed of alligators, p. 30
C) the snout of alligators, p. 47
D) the length of alligators, p. 48
  • 5. Chita does not know what the words mean in Papa's alligator book. Which part of the book will give her the meaning of the words in order to give her more understanding?
A) the glossary
B) the index
C) the contents
D) the front cover
  • 6. Chita made 100 on her Reading Test. Her grandfather was excited because she made a perfect score. What prefix when accurately added to the word perfect would mean her paper was not perfect?
A) -im
B) re-
C) -less
D) mis-
  • 7. The earth is shaped like a sphere. Which of the following does not use figurative language to describe the Earth?
A) The Earth has a shape like a huge orange.
B) The Earth is big and round.
C) The earth loves all of her people.
D) The Earth is as round as a giant's basketball.
  • 8. Go to this part of a book to find on what pages the reader can find Chapters Three, Five, and Nine.
A) Table of Contents
B) The Index
C) The Spine
D) The Title Page
  • 9. Which sentence below does NOT use a simile?
A) Pepita is fast like a cheetah.
B) Your hands are as cold as ice.
C) My dad is strong like an oak tree.
D) A dog can run fast, too.
  • 10. Which sentence about the sun uses personification?
A) The sun is outside.
B) The sun is large.
C) The sun smiles at me.
D) The sun is a star.
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