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Chang, Kewin -
01-0620: Bonding: Checkpoint 01: Chem (13)Slides2020.07.27
Roa, Natalia -
Final test 5 grade (10)Multiple Choice2020.07.26
Akanni, Taoheed - Blazers Schools
Ncee Maths P1 (35)Multiple Choice2020.07.26
Chang, Kewin -
01: Gradient Form: Straight Lines: Mathematics (26)Slides2020.07.26
Classes, DPPH Online - D Purple Pearls Hall
Prepositions of place/ week12 (20)Multiple Choice2020.07.25
Caro, Andrés - Nuestra Señora del Rosario
Second Term 5th Mid evaluation (15)Multiple Choice2020.07.24
Academy, Wakhan -
What? (1)Multiple Choice2020.07.24
Moya, Romina - Colegio Rosario Concha
Hiperónimos e hipónimos (10)Matching2020.07.23
puerto, valeri -
clothes verbs and more (11)Multiple Choice2020.07.23
Akanni, Taoheed - Blazers Schools
Ncee Eng Obj P2 (20)Multiple Choice2020.07.22
Ncee Mth P2 (5)Slides2020.07.22
Palacios, Adriana -
Test of vocabulary Unit 6 (10)Matching2020.07.21
Abdulkafeel, Usamatu -
Assessment Test (30)Slides2020.07.20
Continuous Assessment (4)Multiple Choice2020.07.20
Rendon, Diana - UTPL
Birthday Traditions (5)Slides2020.07.17
Rodriguez, Maria Leticia -
2 Wh Questions (20)Matching2020.07.14
Balikees, Giwa -
mathematics (29)Multiple Choice2020.07.13
Feijo, Nilba -
Ofon (3)Multiple Choice2020.07.13