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Burley, Gwen -
VERBOS: Presente Regular (15)Multiple Choice2023.09.06
Baltar, Richard -
Group 3 Questioner (10)Multiple Choice2023.09.06
Greenfeld, Menachem -
Evaluating Algebraic Expressionss (15)Short Answer2023.09.06
Hilliard, Leslie - Eyms
Rational or Irrational (10)Slides2023.09.05
Garrod, Crystal -
Exponent Rules (Product and Quotient) (12)Slides2023.09.05
Avila, Jessica -
One Step Equations (20)Short Answer2023.09.04
De Jesus, Mary - Gnvhs
Fabm 2 - Sfp (Pt:1) (15)Multiple Choice2023.09.04
Evans, Elizabeth - O'Bannon High School
Types of Solutions (12)Multiple Choice2023.09.01
Cragg, Dawn -
adding 1's and 2's (18)Short Answer2023.08.30
Smits, Henry - Frms
Unit 1. The World (3)Slides2023.08.28
Schantz, Shawna -
Odd and Even Numbers (15)Multiple Choice2023.08.28
Attaway, Rick - Newberry Middle School
Combining Integers (blocks) (16)Slides2023.08.27
Adding and Subtracting Integers (Notes) (25)Slides2023.08.27
Absolute Value #1 (Minor) (35)Slides2023.08.27
Parkerson, Marinette -
Science Academic Vocabulary (10)Multiple Choice2023.08.25
Malone, Jeana -
Multiply by 9 (20)Short Answer2023.08.25
Multiply by 8 (20)Short Answer2023.08.25
Multiply by 7 (20)Short Answer2023.08.25