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Evans, Vickie -
Division-Double Digit Divisors (14)Multiple Choice2021.09.20
Maynard, Tara - Creekside Middle School
GEO: 1-5 QC (Formulas in geo) (10)Slides2021.09.20
Handley, Owen -
Helping Others (8)Multiple Choice2021.09.20
Maguire, Jemma -
The Mystical Mount Bromo (10)Multiple Choice2021.09.19
Maxwell, Kelly -
Number Words and Numerals Check (12)Multiple Choice2021.09.19
Puspita, Annisa -
Procedure Text: Recipe and Manual (40)Multiple Choice2021.09.19
Pace, Emily -
5's Multiplication facts (50)Short Answer2021.09.19
Wippel, Tyler -
Wk7Day3 Memorize Sq/Cube Roots (7)Slides2021.09.17
Kinney, Lauren -
Irrational-square and cube roots-estimate (18)Slides2021.09.17
Moore, Math -
plotting points & charts (10)Slides2021.09.17
Ray, Dawn -
RDR #8 - Gotcha! (15)Multiple Choice2021.09.17
Holder, Vicki - College Park
Matter and Density Test (34)Multiple Choice2021.09.17
Johnson, Anna -
Multiplication Facts of 10 (40)Short Answer2021.09.16
Multiplication Facts of 9 (40)Short Answer2021.09.16
Wheitner, Thomas -
5/6 grade words (9/16/2021) (10)Multiple Choice2021.09.16
Science (12)Multiple Choice2021.09.16
7th grade spelling list (9/16/2021) (10)Multiple Choice2021.09.16
Townsend, Lester -
Ancient Egypt (12)Multiple Choice2021.09.16