Functions and their properties HW#2 11th
  • 1. What is domain?
A) Are all the values in X and Y
B) Are all the values in X
C) None
D) Are all the values in X
  • 2. What is range?
A) All the values in Y
B) Are all the values in X
C) Are all the values in X and Y
  • 3. The graph is discontinuous
A) None
B) Because of symmetry
C) Because has a hole
D) Because has a jump
E) Because has a Asymptote
  • 4. The domain is
A) Both are correct
B) ] - ∞, + ∞ [
C) R
  • 5. The domain is
A) ]-∞, -3] U [3,+ ∞[
B) ]-∞, -3] U [-3,+ ∞[
C) All of them are correct
D) ]-∞, 3] U [3,+ ∞[
  • 6. The graph is….
A) Decreasing
B) Increasing
C) Decreasing from (-∞,1) and increasing (1,+ ∞)
D) Decreasing from (-∞,1/2) and increasing (1/2,+ ∞)
  • 7. Reasons why a graph is discontinuous
A) Because of a hole
B) None
C) Because of a jump
D) Because of symmetry
E) Because a asymptote
  • 8. What is a asymptote?
A) Happens when a function doesn’t have interruptions
B) Are the values that makes the denominator cero in a function
C) Is a term related to symmetry
  • 9. To determine if a function is continuous or discontinuous, we have to see…
A) We graph and see the Y axis
B) Both are correct
C) We graph and see the X axis
  • 10. F(x) = 100, is a constant function?
A) No
B) Yes
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