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Math, Kms - Kingman Middle School
7th 1-3 squares and square roots (11)Slides2016.08.25
Pappal, Benji - Central High School
Geo: line segment addition midpoint (15)Slides2016.08.25
Geo: line segment addition (20)Slides2016.08.25
Lesson midpoints and bisectors (40)Slides2016.08.25
Palser, Mr -
Year 8 - units of measurement conversion quiz (25)Multiple Choice2016.08.25
Rodgers, Katherine -
Parts of ecosystems (mod) (14)Multiple Choice2016.08.25
Parts of ecosystems (14)Multiple Choice2016.08.25
Geer, Elizabeth -
Geer's decimal quiz c (15)Multiple Choice2016.08.24
Childress, Kerry - Rogers high school
m1b-parts of inch/16 (5)Slides2016.08.24
Pappal, Benji - Central High School
Lesson: atomic notation (22)Slides2016.08.24
Wolpert, Melanie -
Word stems quiz 2 (10)Multiple Choice2016.08.23
Math, Kms - Kingman Middle School
8th 1-2 variables, expressions, and properties (3)Slides2016.08.23
Maynard, Tara - Creekside Middle School
Geo: 1-3 qc angle measures (11)Slides2016.08.21
Geo: 1-2 qc line segments (10)Slides2016.08.21
Denu, Kelly -
Transformations pre-test (new) (15)Multiple Choice2016.08.19
Conway, Jeannette -
Ps ch 2 test (14-15) (50)Multiple Choice2016.08.19
Ps ch 1 vocabulary s 2 s 3 (19)Matching2016.08.19
Gonzalez, Carlos -
Pre algebra/intensive (diagnostic) (34)Multiple Choice2016.08.19