Crater Lake
  • 1. What is the origin of Crater Lake, located in Oregon, USA?
A) Glacial
B) Meteorite Impact
C) Volcanic
D) Tectonic
  • 2. What is the name of the island within Crater Lake formed from a cinder cone?
A) Wizard Island
B) Sorcerer Island
C) Merlin Island
D) Dragon Island
  • 3. Which national park is home to Crater Lake?
A) Yellowstone National Park
B) Crater Lake National Park
C) Yosemite National Park
D) Grand Canyon National Park
  • 4. What is the name of the former volcano that collapsed to form the basin in which Crater Lake now resides?
A) Mount St. Helens
B) Mount Mazama
C) Mount Shasta
D) Mount Hood
  • 5. When was Crater Lake formed?
A) 2 million years ago
B) 500 years ago
C) 50,000 years ago
D) 7,700 years ago
  • 6. What is the primary way to access Crater Lake National Park for most visitors?
A) Aerial Tramway
B) Underwater Tunnel
C) Cave Entrance
D) Rim Drive
  • 7. What is the name of the lodge located within Crater Lake National Park?
A) Sunset Point Inn
B) Crater Lake Lodge
C) Valley Retreat
D) Mountain View Resort
  • 8. What recreational activity is popular at Crater Lake in the winter?
A) Snowshoeing
B) Golfing
C) Surfing
D) Water Skiing
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