English - Unit IV
  • 1. Past Participle of "hold"
A) held
B) holden
C) holded
  • 2. Past Participle of "slay"
A) slayed
B) slain
C) slew
  • 3. Past Participle of "speak"
A) spoke
B) spoken
C) spoked
  • 4. Past Participle of "think"
A) thought
B) thinked
C) thanks
  • 5. Past Participle of "know"
A) knowed
B) knew
C) known
  • 6. Past Participle of "drink"
A) drinked
B) drunk
C) drank
  • 7. Past Participle of "pay"
A) paided
B) payed
C) paid
  • 8. Past Participle of "do"
A) done
B) don't
C) did
  • 9. Select the verb in infinitive
A) doing
B) to doing
C) to do
  • 10. Select the verb in gerund
A) watching
B) to watching
C) to watch
  • 11. The verb that ends with "ing" is a:
A) gerund
B) infinitive
C) base form
  • 12. The simple form of the verb with the word "to" before:
A) gerund
B) past
C) infinitive
  • 13. Verb usually followed by a gerunds:
A) want to
B) refuse to
C) enjoy
  • 14. Verb followed by infinitives:
A) promise to
B) consider
C) discuss
  • 15. Jane suggests _____these papers.
A) printing
B) printed
C) to print
  • 16. Juan can't quit _________.
A) to smoke
B) smoke
C) smoking
  • 17. You don't mind ______ that book, do you?
A) reading
B) read
C) to read
  • 18. Did you consider _______ the movie?
A) watch
B) to watch
C) watching
  • 19. Please keep_______ your candies.
A) sharing
B) share
C) to share
  • 20. I expect to ______ my homework today.
A) deliver
B) delivering
C) delivered
  • 21. He agrees to ______ to Celaya.
A) go
B) goes
C) going
  • 22. Luisa refuses to _______.
A) left
B) leaving
C) leave
  • 23. It seems to _____ hotter.
A) get
B) got
C) getting
  • 24. If internet didn't exist, __________ get bored.
A) I did
B) I has
C) I would
  • 25. People would was by hand if __________
A) washing machines don't exist.
B) washing machines doesn't exist.
C) washing machines didn't exist.
  • 26. People would pay cash if ________
A) credit cards didn't exist.
B) credit card doesn't exsit.
C) credit cards don't exist.
  • 27. We use Conditional Type 2 to express suppositions or statements contrary to reality:
A) Yes
B) I don't know
C) No
  • 28. In Conditional Type 2 the "If clause" is in:
A) Present
B) Future
C) Past Simple
  • 29. In Conditional Type 2 the "main clause" goes with:
A) would + gerund
B) would + past participle
C) would + infinitive
  • 30. He would fix his laptop if he ______ how to.
A) know
B) knew
C) known
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