Unit 2 Week 1 Test
  • 1. Fred wanted Mom to tell the story_____.
A) use
B) again
C) new
  • 2. ______ is the red ball.
A) Help
B) Use
C) There
  • 3. Which word has the same middle sound as the picture?
A) wig
B) egg
C) hen
  • 4. Spell the word.
  • 5. Choose the word.
A) bell
B) ball
C) ill
  • 6. Choose the word.
A) had
B) head
C) hid
  • 7. Choose the word.
A) pen
B) pack
C) pop
  • 8. Which ending shows that an action happened in the past?
A) -zz
B) -s
C) -ed
  • 9. Kip _____ the bus and was late for school.
A) missed
B) missd
C) miss
  • 10. Which word shows that an action took place in the past?
A) quacks
B) fizz
C) dressed
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