Sheldon Glashow
  • 1. In which year was Sheldon Glashow born?
A) 1950
B) 1960
C) 1945
D) 1932
  • 2. Which award did Sheldon Glashow win in 1979 for his contributions to physics?
A) Grammy Award
B) Emmy Award
C) Pulitzer Prize
D) Nobel Prize in Physics
  • 3. Where did Sheldon Glashow receive his Ph.D. in physics from?
A) Stanford University
B) Yale University
D) Harvard University
  • 4. Which theory did Sheldon Glashow contribute to that unified electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force?
A) Electroweak theory
B) String theory
C) Quantum mechanics
D) Relativity
  • 5. In which year did Sheldon Glashow share the Nobel Prize with Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam?
A) 1985
B) 1979
C) 1968
D) 1990
  • 6. Sheldon Glashow was a prominent supporter of which scientific organization aimed at reducing the existential threat of nuclear weapons?
A) Mensa International
B) Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
C) National Academy of Sciences
D) The Royal Society
  • 7. Which branch of physics did Sheldon Glashow make significant contributions to?
A) Astrophysics
B) Quantum field theory
C) Fluid dynamics
D) Particle physics
  • 8. Sheldon Glashow was one of the first to predict the existence of which elementary particle?
A) Graviton
B) Neutrino
C) Muon
D) Charm quark
  • 9. In Glashow's electroweak theory, the weak force is transmitted by which particles?
A) Photons
B) Gluons
C) Gravitons
D) W and Z bosons
  • 10. Who was Glashow's adviser during his doctoral studies?
A) Steven Weinberg
B) Julian Schwinger
C) Richard Feynman
D) Murray Gell-Mann
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