Paul Revere
  • 1. Where was Paul Revere born?
A) Boston, Massachusetts
B) Atlanta, Georgia
C) Albany, New York
  • 2. What job did Paul Revere have?
A) Cowboy
B) Farmer
C) Silversmith
  • 3. What is Paul Revere most famous for?
A) President of the United States
B) Farmers Strike
C) Midnight Ride
  • 4. What was the obstacle that got in the way for Revere?
A) Being African American
B) British Soldiers
C) Slavery
  • 5. What were Paul Revere's character traits?
A) Liberty and Freedom
B) Liberty and Truth
C) Freedom and Slavery
  • 6. Paul Revere warned the colonist that the _________ were coming.
A) British
B) Indians
C) Americans
  • 7. Paul Revere belonged to which group?
A) Farm Workers of America
B) Sons of Liberty
C) United Nations
  • 8. What war began after Paul Revere warned the colonist?
A) World War II
B) Civil War
C) Revolutionary War
  • 9. Revere participated in which famous event?
A) Boston Tea Party
B) Farmers Strike
C) Slavery Abolishment
  • 10. What did Paul Revere hang in the church to warn the colonist?
A) cowboy boots
B) lanterns
C) horseshoe
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