Didgeridoo - Aboriginal Musical Instrument
  • 1. How is a didgeridoo traditionally made?
A) From plastic tubes
B) From a eucalyptus tree branch hollowed out by termites
C) From bamboo shoots
D) From metal pipes
  • 2. What is the main technique used to play the didgeridoo?
A) Strumming
B) Finger picking
C) Circular breathing
D) Bowing
  • 3. Which Indigenous Australian group is credited with the creation of the didgeridoo?
A) Wurundjeri people
B) Pitjantjatjara people
C) Noongar people
D) Yolngu people
  • 4. What sound does a didgeridoo produce?
A) Harsh, metallic sounds
B) A deep, resonant drone
C) High-pitched notes
D) Silent vibrations
  • 5. Which gender traditionally plays the didgeridoo in Aboriginal cultures?
A) Men
B) Children
C) Women
D) Elders
  • 6. In which Australian state or territory is the didgeridoo most commonly associated?
A) New South Wales
B) Queensland
C) Northern Territory
D) Victoria
  • 7. Which of the following is NOT a common material used to make didgeridoos?
A) Bamboo
B) Plastic
C) Metal
D) Wood
  • 8. The didgeridoo is part of which larger category of musical instruments?
A) Membranophones
B) Idiophones
C) Chordophones
D) Aerophones
  • 9. Who often teaches the art of playing the didgeridoo to younger generations in Aboriginal communities?
A) Peers
B) Teachers
C) Musicians
D) Elders
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